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Hnns Hlgr Rtz

Got this beauty in the post today, a shame they don't make them any more. Replaces my second 6233 whose antenna seems to have died. Black this time, looks slick.

Good vibes and interesting statements: Artist Samia Halaby (now 81 years old, in her 50s when she began using computers) about the use of the Amiga computer in her artworks

Added a SortWindow UGen to FScape, so I can calculate histograms from images and apply auto-gain'ed threshold. Here's from a photo I took today in the studio...

Brrrr, it's even cold in the house with the heating on. Already wearing two layers of pullover. Go away coldness!

I finally got to make the trailer of + :

(OpenShot seems to have a broken audio fade filter, I suspect it's an interaction with the overall clip gain; I spent already all day doing this, so I leave it like this for now)

fragment #9 of 108 words (de) Show more

fragment #9 of 108 words (de) Show more

Inserting sound is more complicated than deleting sound.

Inserting words is more complicated than deleting words.

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fragment #2 of 108 words (de) Show more

found this in a high school physics book from 1923 in a used bookstore (i didn't buy it though)

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fragment #8 of 108 words (de) Show more

Nice bell installation by Sarah Angliss and Dan Stowell:

In this latitude and time of the year, you can have a magic moment where the snow covered roofs have a colour indistinguable from the sky. Today it was around 17:30 just before the electrical lights are turned on.

Two more days to apply for our workshop 'Thresholds of the Algorithmic'! On request, I added a section that explains more thoroughly how the workshop is going to be implemented: