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Hey Mastodonians, first toot in 2018. Great to see that everyone is still in my timeline. Have a good start into this year. I wanted to post a photo of my cat ultra happy to be back home, but alas someone (probably me?) took the SD card from the camera. So you have to imagine that. 🐱

Vol. 9 No. 3 of the Journal of Science and Technology of the Arts () is out; all open access, including my article on 'Halting Operations for Algorithmic Alignment':

Urban Challenges #5 - , our new radio piece, is now available on the Cultural Broadcasting Archive:

- after a hiatus, we finally got together back in the studio and did two sessions today; here's the second one, enjoy!

🍍 premiere of our radio piece is on air today at 19:30 CET, i.e. in 1 1/2 hours: - live stream: ; wow, thought it was week later. If you miss it, it's repeated on Thursday

Erstausstrahlung unseres Radiostückes läuft heute um 19:30h, also in 1 1/2 Stunden: - live stream: ; wow, dachte Sendetermin sei Woche später. Wer es verpasst: wird Donnerstag wiederholt

Working on the final mixes of a new radiophonic piece which is a collaboration with three more persons. Figured radio is a great format for collaborative working on sound, something that's inherently difficult with other media such as sound installation or concert pieces.

Friday is the midissage of Martin Rumori's sound art exhibition at esc. I'm playing a performance on that evening (19 o'clock). In German:

Spent some work on moving part of my current experiments with a collaborative radio piece '' to use my DSP offline system. Needed to implement a handful of new UGens, but finally I get to actually experiment with the signal transformation flow. This becomes a fabulous way of experimentation. Hopefully I get to write about it soon…

Three new books on my desk that I hope to find time to read during the next two months:

- Félix Guattari - The Three Ecologies
- N Katherine Hayles - Unthought
- General Ecology (Erich Hörl, ed.)

"S.A.M. disables interrupt requests and shuts down the ANTIC chip during vocal output. Therefore, the screen will blank out and the BREAK key will not operate while S.A.M. is speaking."

A fun retro speech synthesizer:

Make one of your favourite techno sounds: "re-activate"

I finally looked out for a library to give me pressure and tilt data from my Wacom again to use in live improv; found something nice, but now I'm undecided whether I want to invest the work to incorporate those controllers back into my UI. I had used them to issue parameter transitions over longer periods; this worked in a quite old version, but putting it pack into the new API means big effort :octothink:

Next week Friday 24.11. I'll play a concert with my old friend Ludger Hennig at the 20th anniversary of Weimar's Studio for electroacoustic Music - it's going to be fun, we haven't played together since a while.

"… the technology of address produced genuine locatability in an absolute space and, with it, the possibility of making calculations which had been difficult or long-winded before. In particular, objects could be followed from location to location as a continuous series of simulating movement in a way that was, for all intents and purposes, indistinguishable from movement itself."

I started working on understanding patterns and how a subset of them could have a meaningful library: - still in infancy. With lots of feedback by pattern library co-author Ron Kuivila in our daily conversations at the IEM Graz.

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