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Anyone experience with a Schertler Dyn-Uni(-P48) contact microphone? Recommended?

The ceramic annuli broke exactly at their weakest / thinnest point while drying, showing the shrinkage as a millimetre wide gap. I made two mistakes, one, not lifting them off the form early enough, and two not covering them with plastic foil to slow down the drying process. I think I'll still try to burn and use them.

documenta, antisemitism 

So the "solution" of the post-Schormann documenta 15 to deal with the second picture of Taring Padi containing an antisemitic motif was to "cover" the kippah with a piece of gaffa tape to look rather like a fez. Makes me think of Martin Kippenbergers 'Ich kann beim besten Willen kein Hakenkreuz entdecken' ('By no stretch of the imagination can I detect a swastika'). Add to this the shameful Abbas visit, and you just want to puke.

Stellenausschreibung: 6 Monate Post-Doc Position für künstlerische Forschung in der Musik, 23 Wochenstunden, in der Künstlerisch-Wissenschaftlichen Doktoratsschule der Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz (KUG), AT.

(background: this is taking over some of my duties as I reduce my employment level to begin a new FWF research project).

Started putting together another "Swap Rogue", so there will be two that can have a dialogue. Still lots of work, both fiddly manual work and coding/composition. These will go to Parallel Vienna exhibition in September.

the shrinking hose rule 

no matter what assortment you have in your toolbox, you will always miss the one for the diameter currently needed 🤷

you hit me with a flower 🌹
you're doin it every hour
oh baby you're so vicious

the cat can have some ice cubes with their water, as a treat 🧊 🐱

Warum der eigentlich mit Christian Wehrschütz einen Korrespondenten aus der berichten lässt, der eine rechtsradikale journalistische Vergangenheit hat ("Die Aula" und FPÖ Wochenzeitung), erschließt sich wohl niemandem.

Der beginnt mitterweile verschwörerisch über die Personalentscheidungen Selenskyjs zu raunen und offen die Sanktionen als "Irrglauben" darzustellen. Na, der Kickl freut sich sicherlich.

violence in occupied Kherson 

As the Ukrainian army is slowly advancing to liberate , here is a recent report on the terror inflicted upon its people since the Russian occupation almost from the start of the war.

is such a great program. Sometimes I wonder what kind of intelligence is in its Auto DJ algorithm, many subsequent choices are just too good to be random. E.g. Tangerine Dream "Phaedra" followed by Type O Negative "Bloody Kisses", you don't even notice the cross fade.

Nice indoor / outdoor sound performance by "utrumque" (Eckel / Elblaus) at Forum Stadtpark tonight at @elevatefestival

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