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Today starts Society of Artistic Research - SAR Conference in Weimar. I will only join the online part this year. Hope to see some familiar folks.

this morning we set up the first of five installations of five node solar powered sound pieces in public space, this first one on the south side of the church in Gleisdorf (some 20 minutes east of Graz). apart from the anticipated things (difficulty of some sounds to compete with the city traffic noises), all ran fine. Now we hope none gets damaged by heavy rain or such till the opening in one week time.

Tomorrow Sat 25 June at 1 pm, I play a new duo with Daniele Pozzi titled โ€œStrip & Embellishโ€ at esc media art lab, , which is part of the gallery walk around tour impuls

I dreamt of a cat made of white and green ceramics, only it could smoothly and elegantly move around with its ceramic limbs.

audience comment on 'Hosting with the Others': it's super important to communicate that the services provided by the grass roots org are not about safety or security; they are about maintaining an amount of control, but things can burn down, and then individuals will suffer not companies.

On Hosting with Others: "โ€ฆ what happened to all these servers {the ones that were set up across Europe for specific communities since the 1990s}?" asks Aileen

220616-16h10m a metallic impact, repeatedly, the wind moving the fabric banners suspended at the entrance of afo. (inserted:) invisible voices sinking down from the empore. faint voices speaking inside, alternating between dutch and english. soft foot steps on the asphalt floor. a dim granulated sonorous voice entering from the sound installation outside. a kid screaming far away. it's bank holiday, so surprisingly little traffic noise, the city seems quiet.

So yeah super looking forward to going to Linz next week. I will show the digital-analog visual piece at Stwst (Stadtwerkstatt), and present our pilot artistic research study along with Shane Finan's Kinship26 project at DH5

And most importantly, I hope to meet many many nice people, old and new contacts.

"The worst thing about Austria was that the sirens that awakened me on my first morning here were so real, they were no hallucination, even if they were only a test."

acoustic communication between machines 

What would be an effective and noise robust way to communicate between two machines by way of sending audio through the air (speaker -> mic)?

Could I use a biphase-mark-code for that, say with 8N1 encoding? But how to represent the bits? Two alternating frequencies in a range less prone to noise? Or frequency-band on/off? Needs to be easy to decode in real-time in SuperCollider.

tasting the strawberry-rhubarb marmalade we made yesterday ๐Ÿ˜‹ ๐Ÿ“ :where-is-rhubarb-emojo:

In other news, I'm going to do an improv piece with Daniele Pozzi at impuls MinuteConcerts end of June, so that's exciting as I will try to prepare a new/different setup.

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