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So the ETM-001 arrived, and it seems to be a really great omni microphone for Raspi installations, works nicely with the cheap 68878 sound card. And it's definitely not "too hot" like some reviews suggest, indeed I still need to amplify quite a bit. Without extensive tests, seems the noisiness is not too bad.

And the Koreans definitely know how to make a nice design, super slick glossy black metal body, and very appealing packaging as well.

Anyone ever wrote a UI front-end for Neovim? Is it complicated or straight forward?

kreuzen kreuzen kreuzen 

I am experimenting with hundreds of recorded versions of the word 'kreuzen' (to cross, to hybridise). Looking at th sonagrams, there is both a horizontal and a spectral pause, kind of imposing a black cross on the image.

the most curious and inquisitive visitors to the facade audio-video installations at Reagenz are schoolkids ❀️ while adults are more indifferent

fedihelp - cheap USB audio interface microphone power spec 

so indeed, the 68878 shows 2.8V and the UA0099 shows 2.2V between sleave and ring. Ordered an ETM-001 electret which should probably work fine.

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OCCRP: "The Project is a collaborative investigation into … sophisticated spyware [sold] to governments around the world." Used within the EU to spy on journalists and opposition politicians (Hungary)

fedihelp - cheap USB audio interface microphone power spec 

- what do the super-cheap USB interfaces (e.g. Goobay 68878, Logilink UA0099) technically provide in the microphone inputs - do they always provide 3–5V "plug-in power", so that one can connect (condenser/electret) lapel microphones like RΓΈde Lavalier GO. Seems this is "standard" for smartphone and laptop mic inputs, but I'm unsure about the interfaces, and there are no real specs. Any ideas? Can I only connect dynamic mics?

is a sound poem for the browser about exchange between otherwise disconnected and β€œuncommunicative” segments, departing from forms of spatiality: the distinction between a common space and an individual (or inner) space. Virtual sub-spaces can be explored with the mouse, or by an agent when idle. Each sub-space corresponds to a poem, a set of words that belong together.

The piece requires a recent Firefox or Chrome/Chromium desktop browser.

In one hour, at 14:00 CEST continues with another round of paper presentations, followed by the second artists' round table.

And I commend to tune into Špela Petrič's keynote "On the vegetariat in times of surveillance societies" today live at 17:30 CEST, in which she discusses several approaches to plant communication and hybrid plant/computation artworks.

All links:

The people from are making a guest exhibition at around the topic of the "autonomous self". Here are two pieces by Daniele Pozzi, one is a flat screen piece with ever rewriting text, the other a feedback system with rotating speaker / mic. On site till Friday, but also online at

Eduardo sent me this photo today - there's a chapter of me on human-machine relations and artistic process. Melting to get a physical copy finally.

All the program detail pages have gone public now. Today at 18:00 CEST - in a good half-an-hour - the conference begins, with opening session and first musical performance session. All data and stream links:

is going into its final exhibition week at . More true to its name, now one of the possible actions is a dice throw, which gives you the choices "1" (Yes), "0" (No), "*" (Neither).

I need your help with more text line contributions, or else the system runs out of material soon:

/cc @kontakt

Ah - I want a little wood workshop, it's such a great material 🌳

The program for the Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics and X is now online at . All events are free to attend from July 12 to 16!

Nice: SMC Sound and Music Computing Conference offers a free live stream this year, no registration required:

Today is a popular day at - I thought I'd be alone continuing refinement of the piece, but every fifteen, twenty minutes passersby enter the gallery and want to learn about the exhibition. Seems to depend a lot on the weather, today is nice and mild, so people are happy to walk around and explore.

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