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Interesting electro-mechanical monostring instrument: (video loads very slowly)

Quite reduced articulatory repertoire, but beautifully executed

Invitation to the online Signale Lecture on "Algorithms that Matter" - our concluding project presentation, featuring a preview of the parcours video documentation, and the new Meta Exposition interface.

Wed 21 April 2021, 18:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Making a simple 3D model in Wings3D - after a ten minute video tutorial, I already understand most of the UI concept, mouse button navigation etc. That's some impressive usability of an open source project.

forge-fed, radicle 

“Hypothetically, a federated GitLab could fill all the requirements, however, federated services cannot be offline-first and don’t offer sovereignty over user's identity. Users are tied to specific instances and thus subject to some of the same drawbacks as centralized services.” ( )

I disagree. Having instances with a particular group of peers, codes and culture is the strong point of federation. The design shows the flaws of purist free software and purist p2p ideology with an impoverished idea of social interactions. Operating Tor or Bittorrent is the most asocial activity I can imagine. I truly hope ( ) will succeed at some point.

I also don't see why federation means it cannot be offline. There is no reason a federated git client couldn't cache the status and activities. There is a bit too mucher prepper aesthetics here.

What happened to the idea of federated source-code-hosting ("fedi-gitlab")? That interconnects so you can watch, search, fav, PR, issue and comment across many instances? 💭

Max Mathew's MUSIC V (Csound predecessor from the late 1960s) source code:

Ok - seems not the original code, but adapted to newer Fortran. But that means it actually runs as far as I understand.

Ok, client basically seems working: @kontakt

(updated an older project to work with current API)

Anyone know of an open source written in a JVM language (Scala, Java, …). And no: not something that eventually runs in JS on node.js. Thanks

I guess I should put circle markers on the glass slide directly, otherwise if the slides move, the separate circles don't help much

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blast from the past - I worked with Hough transform in 2016, although the line based one. There is a variant, circle hough transform. Found a ImageJ plugin that I hope I can just extract the algorithm and run it headlessly. Seems to work despite the perspective distortion of the circles.

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some CSI vibes there. Anyone know a Java or Scala image processing library to quickly do the perspective alignment / equalisation of the markers?

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Think I will turn this into a "waiting piece", uploading one to four photos per day (they are shot with a timer), accompanied by a line of text written by me - so it's a semi-automatic process. To set up a small masto bot to post them to a dedicated account. Which for contemporary art that accepts such a semi-bot would you recommend?

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🎵 what a difference… a Pi cam makes… (first: original Pi cam v2.1, I think they don't make them any longer; second: cheap Joy-IT camera).

3.5.0 is published, and can be installed now through an experimental launcher: - this has a built in update mechanism, and thus will liberate me from having to build platform specific versions of every Mellite update, as well as liberating you from having to re-install Mellite again and again when an update is published.

Give it a spin, and let me know if there are any issues. Or if you need a build for a different architecture.

Even if Google is bad, them winning in the US supreme court in the dispute with Oracle is good news. It means APIs are not as such covered by copyright, and you can thus create new implementations for existing API.

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