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Done with my mic "corner" setup.

Since the acoustic panels affect the entire space, the effect of being inside vs outside the U-shaped setup is rather subtle:

In the room itself, I felt the difference on the voice more strongly than on the recording. You can mostly notice the more narrow spatiality of the inside sound, whereas the outside sound has a broader stereo image (obviously, due to more reflections), also it has stronger colourisation.

Alice Eldridge β€œComputer music stimulation of human creativity: techno-musicking as lab for inner and outer worlding” (October 2020)

A new v3.4.0 is out - and I made a tutorial video on how you can export a workspace to run it as a sound piece in the browser.

I remembered I had those ancient Quik Lok speaker monitor stands, so I attached two of them and put velcro blocks, so they are a frame for a mobile acoustic shield.

Got a second used pair, so I will be able to arrange a U-shaped thing for (hopefully) dry mic recordings.

This is cool - a web server based SDR (software defined radio) where you can make all the tunings:

Much better reception than the cheap thirty or so EUR one I got few years back for a project (probably the antenna was worse). I wonder how many users can tune in concurrently with their own settings.

Even lets you record in the browser and save the resulting sound file.

When I walked back from the studio, there was a silent flutter of snow, then it turned into halfway between snow and hail, the most sublime sound you can imagine, as if tiny tiny glass shards hit the ground, but unlike hail very soft. ❄️

Yuk Hui: β€œInstead of saying, is an externalisation of memory, or the use of certain tools is a liberation of bodily organs, in this writing itself we find different relations, for example between human beingn and animals, human beings and non-human beings, a complexity of relations.” (for example pictorial vs phonetic writing)

Should I ever be implicated in a crime, I have an airtight alibi:

*me:* But officer, did you find any traces of hair from a grey British Shorthair cat?
*they:* ah, no, what are you trying say?
*me:* Look, couldn't have been me. There is literally not a square centimetre in my environment, my clothing etc., that doesn't have those fibres.

for software tutorial screencasts, do you prefer just the plain screen, or a small talking head in one of the bottom corners? (does that even help at the size when you hear better through visible lip movement?)

our neighbour said Lulu looks more like an owl πŸ¦‰ than a cat 🐱


'web sound space' 

We were discussing yesterday, whether to iterate a sound installation for 'browser format'. I think it's a radically different space (and would be an entirely new piece). Some thoughts:

- personal, intimate space
- noisy space ("between tabs", "between coffee and e-mail")
- framed space, poststamp space. who has their laptop wired up normally to a good sound system?
- volatile space (open a tab, close a tab, forgotten)
- radiophonic space (tending to your computer is not unlike listening to a radio receiver? also: "radio background"; remote connection)
- connected space (when going via a server vs. front-end only)?
- what's the source of time? does it start when you open the tab, does the piece "always exist" and you merely tune in?
- multiphonic space (there can be different tabs running)
- controlled space (mute / unmute)
- what else?

I finally got to select and edit the sound recordings for documenting (along a selection of photos)

In spring we'll also do a printed catalogue.

And now can be used in the browser as well, talking to : (needs Chrome/Chromium).

My favourite sound example: `example('walters')` πŸ’™ . Make sure to run `cmdPeriod()` between examples, otherwise you'd accumulate the synths.

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