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There is a very long but also diverting interview (in German), in which I talk about and experimenting with :

It was broadcast on Radio Lotte Weimar yesterday, and it's available in the media library for a week or two.

Info and playlist: geheimeszimmerarchiv.blogspot.

I immensely love these two records I discovered today thanks to @c307

- C307 - “R.-Cando” (1995) -
- Carlos Suárez - “Metaforas do tempo” (2008) - in Graz is offering a two month artist residency for netart and digital culture:

v3.2.1 is out:

As the '3' suggests, it's a major update, although most changes are structural and not visible to the user: They make Mellite ready for the next Scala version (3 - Dotty), and eventually for running workspaces in the browser (Scala.js).

It's nevertheless a great release for usability, as I have been polishing the DAW features. Improved timeline tools, audio cue export, transport-catch. I'll put up a video introducing the new features soon.

The 2021 - 9th Conference on , , & X - for contributions is out now:

xCoAx 2021 will probably be an online only edition again, and so all submissions must be ready for that, although at IEM/KUG we're making backup plans for some local activities in Graz if the development of the pandemic permits.

I did an experiment in 2015 in Scala.js for a PD-like web patch. Just looked at the old sources and updated them to work with current versions:

Just standard WebAudio objects used, though, no script-processor-nodes yet.

Today at 22:00h CEST (UTC+2), for one hour I'm live on DIENSTbar @ Transmission No. 48, online radio

Almat 2020 program online now 

We now added recordings of the three round table discussions on the symposium:

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quick sketch - superimposing horizontally and vertically interleaved series of one thousand image variants

our trio ChromaticField in 2003. the cutie is martin, the stylish is axel, the nerdy spectacles is me ;)

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