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I did an experiment in 2015 in Scala.js for a PD-like web patch. Just looked at the old sources and updated them to work with current versions:

Just standard WebAudio objects used, though, no script-processor-nodes yet.

Today at 22:00h CEST (UTC+2), for one hour I'm live on DIENSTbar @ Transmission No. 48, online radio

Almat 2020 program online now 

We now added recordings of the three round table discussions on the symposium:

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quick sketch - superimposing horizontally and vertically interleaved series of one thousand image variants

our trio ChromaticField in 2003. the cutie is martin, the stylish is axel, the nerdy spectacles is me ;)

Almat 2020 program online now 

2020 program online now

We are happy to announce the availability of the program of the Almat 2020 symposium on algorithmic agency in artistic practice.

We thank all contributors who made their work available as dedicated pages on the Research Catalogue:

Luc Döbereiner and David Pirrò, Kosmas Giannoutakis and Arthur Lanotte-Fauré, Dragica Kahlina, Steffen Krebber, Ron Kuivila, Daniel Mayer, Jeffrey Morris, Tom Mudd, Daniele Pozzi, Hanns Holger Rutz, Casper Schipper, Oswaldo Emiddio Vasquez Hadjilyra, Rewa Wright and Simon Howden.

The program will be followed up by round-table discussions on September 19, which we intend to make available as video recordings.

The countdown to the 2020 symposium on algorithmic agency in artistic practice has started.

While the event could not take place physically due to the pandemic, we are happy and excited to have selected over a dozen contributions that will be made available in the online form of a Research Catalogue page on September 15, followed by recordings of round table discussions.

Today we launch our sound installation across four floors of staircase of the Kunsthaus (Modern Art Museum) Graz. Tomorrow Sat 11h there is a tour and talk. The piece is part of the project

Here is a new tutorial for GPIO access which has basic support in the new version v2.49.1 (just released - Mac binary coming later today).

Tomorrow evening Fri 20 Aug is the opening of my sound installation at Reagenz - space for artistic experiments, Graz. Show runs till end of September.

Still dedusting some glass 😅

Light and text installed, soldering done, one week to go for - still lots of cabling, screwing, setup, programming.

I think I have another few days of soldering ahead… On the upside, I found this great technique for magnet wire (Kupferlackdraht), squeezing a wire ferrule (Aderendhülse) at its end; it also looks fabulous.

(why are these things called so weirdly in English?)

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