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Tomorrow evening Fri 20 Aug is the opening of my sound installation at Reagenz - space for artistic experiments, Graz. Show runs till end of September.

Still dedusting some glass 😅

Light and text installed, soldering done, one week to go for - still lots of cabling, screwing, setup, programming.

I think I have another few days of soldering ahead… On the upside, I found this great technique for magnet wire (Kupferlackdraht), squeezing a wire ferrule (Aderendhülse) at its end; it also looks fabulous.

(why are these things called so weirdly in English?)

Took this photo on 01 Aug 2016 in the town of Eisenerz. Now I'm curious what is supposed to happen in two weeks time…

Working on the sound composition of in my studio. Six days till opening 😮

Those acrylic discs still smell of laser cutting, hmmmm :thinkhappy:

Tomorrow Wed July 22 at 19:30 we open the first piece in the parcours .

It is a sound/text/video installation by Jonathan Reus titled "Wordless: A Conversation with Samuel Beckett and Morton Feldman at the End of History", presented at the fassade of Forum Stadtpark .

Jonathan was guest at the ALMAT project in 2018, and the piece is sort of a further development of ideas hatched there.

After automatic parametrisation of synthetically generated sound programs, I have to figure out how to create agents that do what I'd normally do when I improvise with them.

Note that the video shows a different source code (my bad), see the comment for the actual source code.

infrared sensor "switch matrix" from our installation at Wasserspeicher Berlin Prenzlauer Berg anno 2007. The idea was that all the cables will be hidden inside this box, LOL. This is how messy it was behind the scenes ;)

Making some noise with at Schliemannstr. Berlin in August 2002.

(just correcting the image descr: it's actually the three of us at the table)

looking for old stuff on old harddrives. a photo from an improv at January 2000 (if I can believe the file modification date). Young me ;)

Mellite has an option now to run "headless", which means it can be used, for example, to run rendering workspaces on a Pi via SSH login and no need to have an X11 session (graphical user interface).

Devising an algorithm to drop from a huge pool of automatically generated sounds those that have a pretty much static and non-modulated spectrum.

Arrived at one that takes relatively large time windows, calculates some dozen mel filter coefficients, for each calculates the ratio of 85 to 15 percentile across time, and thresholds at the mean and max of those ratio sets. Works pretty well so far.

2020 is online now ✨ !

You can browse all papers, artworks, panel discussions.

The 8th Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X
8–10 July, G̶r̶a̶z̶ online

two things that don't mix well 

art and sarcasm

It's T minus 5 days till the opening of the 2020 G̶r̶a̶z̶ online edition ; today we recorded the last panel Q&A. Next week they will all go public, and there is an online party on Wednesday July 8, 6 pm CET. We'll post the link.

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