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The videos are online; here is my presentation on :

(sadly the "slides" are recorded only as stills so the parts that have short videos are missing, also the demo is a bit difficult to follow without continuous screen capture.)

Making a postcard series for combo xCoAx 2020 / Almat 2020 conference and symposium (they will be available week after next at xCoAx 2019). I split the Almat motif set into two, using different parametrisation of the Neural Gas algorithm to trace my handwriting. I like both qualities, one is perhaps the gothic variant (gloomy like a Murnau), the other is more constructivist.

Status: rendering a series of images for an upcoming postcard. The sequence is - tablet/hand writing -> growing neural gas -> DSP compositing.

We're very happy with our three day workshop result - protoype Study (Nayarí Castillo, Emma Luke, Hanns Holger Rutz) :heart_cybre:

Our Study in the AAL @ is making progress. One of two headsets mostly finished. One more entire day of work. Eventually we want to "cross the wires" of two people.

I'm prepping my kit for an exciting workshop (led by Sissel Marie Tonn and Jonathan Reus) in Bratislava in the runup to the festival on digital art. I'm working with Nayarí on a prototype of an Enantiomorph Study, where two people are cross-wired, exchanging one ear and one eye.

Finally picking up work on a fixed media piece again. The downside with using tools you've written yourself is that maintaining and fixing them easily overshadows the work _with_ them.

v2.36.0 is out

I have mainly worked on the 'widget' object, making it possible to already substitute a lot of the low-level programming one would normally do in the 'action' object. I shall add a tutorial about the new features :-/ But first focus is now on the presentation at ScalaDays.

Next version is focused on bug fixes, and improving user friendliness (a never ending thing). Among other things, there are pull down menus for code examples:

Right now trying to add undo/redo support for Ex/Widget programs, so you hopefully don't damage your workspace while experimenting :)

Oh wow, you just hold it against a white wall and try to get the projected image that comes in from a window sharp. So it's indeed around 9 to 10 cm.

So I found a lens that works to focus an LCD at around 9 cm distance. Any technique to determine / measure the focal length of that thing (because I'd like to obtain a second one with similar parameters)?

I started making a new "electroacoustic album" again after many years.

My plan for today is to finish the drop functionality in Mellite so I can quickly run renderings from selected timeline objects.

The project's working title is Shouldhalde, which is a play on the German word Schutthalde (pile of debris), a project where I bury the constant obstacle of thinking everything through first ("I should I should I should"), instead working bottom-up... Also perhaps in connection to Residual (2002).

Progress ; we can map and flatMap over `Ex[Option[_]]` now. Still unclear what the best way is to issue actions such as storing values from a drag-and-drop; we don't really want side-effects inside a map-closure...

Here is the idea:

Next I need to expose the selected objects of the timeline view, so the expression-program can operate on them.

Picked up work on γ.
A simple mechanical relay sounds quite loud inside a container. (I'm not even sure the "sound holes" are needed).

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