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Woop, I finished a small new tape piece "Légende (Studie)".

Working on a small algorithmic study using the 'segmod' frequency modulation program of Döbereiner/Lorenz.

Status: rendering hundredtwentysomething percent done... ⌛

Il arrive
que la réalité
soit trop complexe
pour la transmission orale

Our exhibition at Reagenz is ending this Sunday. Today, there is the opportunity to come after 7 pm, as we plan for a small gathering at 7:30 pm. Otherwise, on Sunday we plan to be in situ, so that's a good opportunity to see/hear the piece and meet us in person.

Image from page 158 of "Identification of the economic woods of the United States : including a discussion of the structural and physical properties of wood " (1912)

Mellite v2.28.0 is out -- it has some behind the scenes clean up, and user facing news, apart from some bug fixes, is mainly that you can open a workspace from the command line and specify objets to "auto-run" (execute an action, play a proc or a timeline). Useful for running installations automatically. Visual "runner" management is scheduled for the next release.

Haven't uploaded binaries yet.

Here's the info about concert and lecture happening this week in L'Aquila

- Concert 03 October, at 21:00
- Lecture 04 October, at 17:00

Rehearsing for with - we'll play a gig in L'Aquila next week Wednesday.

Found a nice drone.

Tomorrow Sep 29 is the finissage of the public art projects within Comrade Conrade in . The tour will have a stop at at Ostbahnhof at 16:50h.

(photo (C)opyright Nikolaos Zachariadis)

Call for Works - deadline October 14, 2018!

In the run-up to the festival » 2018: « (December 7–8, 2018) the | Karlsruhe and the project »Algorithms that Matter« () call for submissions of works dealing with space and the spatiality of calculation processes.

Yesterday was the opening of our new exhibition at Graz. Here are some impressions. Tonight at 23h CET, the radio version will be broadcast on ORF Radio Steiermark.

unease can be about being too far ahead [not just behind]

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