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Any recommended instance(s) to sign up for posting a) programming tutorials, b) artistic stuff?

Working on a DSL for /Mellite to create embedded user interfaces, using purely declarative / functional API. Next step will be coupling to expressions from outer workspace, adding specific widgets like PathField, so I should be able to represent FScape v1 modules within Mellite, and we're going to use this for processing in the Mäanderungen generator...

The example shows a simple expression coupling `slE.enabled = !cb.selected`; looks imperative, but RHS is `Not(Selected(cb))`.

Our studio is finally represented by a proper sign. :blobcheerbounce:

Yesterday we installed second part of Nayari Castillo's public art work 'Die Waffen nieder' at bus station of Feldbach - a poetry machine with 8 rows of square bars, allowing visitors to compose 65536 poems, with verses by Jacqueline Goldberg (translated to German). The first part consists of the phrase 'Die Waffen nieder' (down with weapons) on top of the station building, written by Bertha von Suttner, Austrian peace activist and first female receiver of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Interesting analysis of Germany's struggle with commercialising AI, and the network of people working and lobbying behind it:

As a colleague of mine from the TU Architecture and Media department takes a year leave, his is to be filled. If you are between , and , this might be for you:

(Kennzahl: 1610/18/018 - yes it's in German, but I think you can apply with only rudimentary German, as teaching is in English AFAIK)

The institute:

Now talking at is Lali Barrière who performed by far my favourite piece on yesterday's concert evening, a minimalist combination of sine tones and spectra with extremely slowly modulating monochromatic light.

I don't know about you, but I find it just mind blowing that a bloody can travel in space to us from 3.7 billion light years away without getting caught up, getting tired or something else.


Now at the keynote of Pep Vidal:

"Do you know any space that remains constant forever? -long silence in the audience- No? Me neither."


Nice opening at ; 'Körper α' we already knew, 'Körper β' is new to us; it still feels a bit unfinished, I guess we'll give it another iteration at some point. The two also correspond well together in the same space. I made some snaps from the rest of the exhibition, will post soon.

This is a characteristic resonance from "Tremor" (Franz Liszt museum project) 2007…

Aprpos the side no one will see or hear... so I took my backup harddrive (like I did before) and collected sound files from the past ten years, and those sometimes were collected from the previous ten years, and even as pure resonances, I can identify some pieces. This is a characteristic sound from "Dream" of the "Manga" project anno 2002…

status: 592 out of 2187 sounds approved; I'm starting to hear strange voices in the sound. Should I be worried, or just excited about the complexity of the sound?

This exciting symposium is taking place in Graz in the beginning of October: "Exploring Formats, Enriching Practice. An {Artistic} Research Event"

We're on the panel with and a report from

Pretty waveform…

I algorithmically selected 2K sounds of which the resonances are extracted; the loudness model doesn't work 100% accurately, so now I gotta listen through these two thousand snippets to balance the relative gains. Damn algorithms...

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