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Today 2pm to 6pm we present the results of the at workshop in Museum of Perception (MUWA) . The participants developed a reactive and networked sound installation. After 11 days of work, everything is up and running beautifully 🌈

Transported our stuff today to Museum of Perception, Monday we'll start the Almat workshop there. My god this is such a nice space - you're immediately calm and happy when you walk around in there β˜€οΈ

Coming back to self-similarity matrices and old code. I have to do something new with this.

A good new technique for dream diaries I have found is to paste "headers" at the bottom as soon as they cross your mind, then later go top to bottom and "expand" them; a simple mnemo to retain more things for a longer time

why i'm late

is there an elevator

the car speeding towards the kid

slightly late, then really late

my shoes

the funny man i'm passing in the public staircase

@ruivieira We will to record it; not sure about publishing the recording, I have to check the policies first and get consent.

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