@paul @yaxu "beauty is convulsive" (André Breton), if I may add, and unsuspicious of any royalty 🌧️

Also, four is not a pretty number 🎲

I'm getting closer to export function from Mellite to browser-based SoundProcesses (making it possible to run sound pieces in a browser) — I wonder if there was any *interest in a workshop* on this (perhaps in February or March)? You'd write DSP primarily in ScalaCollider, a SuperCollider dialect, not too difficult to learn I hope if you have prior experience with SC.

What would be good format for such workshop; should it be hosted at an institute? What platform would be good to run it? Ideas?

for software tutorial screencasts, do you prefer just the plain screen, or a small talking head in one of the bottom corners? (does that even help at the size when you hear better through visible lip movement?)

our neighbour said Lulu looks more like an owl 🦉 than a cat 🐱


'web sound space' 

@jine (ah no, wrong, I did come across their work before)

far-right conspiracy theorists and corona deniers on the fediverse 

@jine after following the accounts a bit more, I very much appreciate that most of the aggregate far-right instances are already blocked by the instance I use (octodon), so I don't have to keep up with this trash. Still, it can give you the impression that the fediverse is all nice and friendly, when there is a lot of ugly stuff happening in parallel.

'web sound space' 

We were discussing yesterday, whether to iterate a sound installation for 'browser format'. I think it's a radically different space (and would be an entirely new piece). Some thoughts:

- personal, intimate space
- noisy space ("between tabs", "between coffee and e-mail")
- framed space, poststamp space. who has their laptop wired up normally to a good sound system?
- volatile space (open a tab, close a tab, forgotten)
- radiophonic space (tending to your computer is not unlike listening to a radio receiver? also: "radio background"; remote connection)
- connected space (when going via a server vs. front-end only)?
- what's the source of time? does it start when you open the tab, does the piece "always exist" and you merely tune in?
- multiphonic space (there can be different tabs running)
- controlled space (mute / unmute)
- what else?

far-right conspiracy theorists and corona deniers on the fediverse 

It's kind of interesting to see how the stuff is trickling down to "soft forms" and blurry boundaries, where it's mixed with general freespeech surveillance-paranoia, "critical thinking", "independent thinking" (oops, where does that RT link come from? never mind). it's also a particular quality of language use that is difficult to describe, but immediately noticable as a native German speaker. Seems the Querfront is a real thing

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far-right conspiracy theorists and corona deniers on the fediverse 

I just followed a couple of posts around their followers lists, it seems there is already quite a large network in the German speaking realm, running across several instances, probably under the radar of people who don't read German. Why don't these suckers stay on Gab?


Some servers like social.urspringer.de seem to be down, at least.

Petition: Neues stoppen

Diese Novelle gefährdet unmittelbar meine eigene Existenz, da die neue Kettenvertragsregelung weder unterscheidet, ob ich in Drittmittelprojekten angestellt bin (nicht einmal die, die ich selbst eingeworben habe), noch auf Unterbrechungen der Anstellung Rücksicht nimmt. Nach dem Motto: Wir bekämpfen prekäre Verhältnisse, indem wir Euch einfach auf die Straße setzen.


I finally got to select and edit the sound recordings for documenting (along a selection of photos) researchcatalogue.net/view/711

In spring we'll also do a printed catalogue.

@Bjornmossa Yeah! Cool, that's great news, thanks! I'm still stuck at FF 78 because it's the package in Debian stable.

And now can be used in the browser as well, talking to : sciss.de/temp/scalacollider.js (needs Chrome/Chromium).

My favourite sound example: `example('walters')` 💙 . Make sure to run `cmdPeriod()` between examples, otherwise you'd accumulate the synths.

Woopitang; the Web Audio driver and simple OSC receiver work now for scsynth.wasm: diode.zone/videos/watch/81f255

online test (needs Chrome/Chromium for now): sciss.de/temp/scsynth.wasm/

Exciting things becoming possible for SuperCollider in 2021 :blobaww:

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