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Hnns Hlgr Rtz

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Proud of myself. Went to the electronics candy store, and just bought the items I had put on my list. Except for a 2 EUR electro-magnet that I have no idea yet what to do with..,.

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@yogthos that final moment of reflection lol

Suspending or propping up? Now I'm thinking that elevating the plates with metal sticks from floor could work better than hanging from steel wires. Test with broken ceramics, transducers still sound as required, although not much colouring through the ceramics are audible.

Developing possible covers for the catalog

Retracing image with GNG (growing neural gas)

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Clear /Clear/
Clear /Clear/
Clear all this space /Clear all this space/
Clear today /Clear today/
Clear your mind /Clear your mind/
Clear /Clear/ your behind

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The slow tempo, the EBM type of voicing, and the particular minor progression towards the end anticipating a characteristic techno element, make this such an intriguing title.

I realised I don't really like editing Scala code in , because the Scala editor is just too weak. So I warmed up again to the idea of utilising the plug-in for . It basically seems to be possible, although I anticipate a lot of problems, e.g. state persistence, windowing...

Here's my proof of concept that the app can be embedded...

The big next question is if and how the Scala editor could be used from my program.

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