Der würde keiner nachheulen. Nur nach aktueller Sonntagsfrage gibt es definitiv keine Mehrheit für Rot-Rot-Grün. Zuerst müssen die AfD-Nazis dezimiert werden.

Wie man als Rechtsextremist in Deutschland Karriere macht:

1. Beamter werden
2. untragbar werden
3. befördert werden
4. weiter bei 2.

Keine Pointe. #Maaßen #Maassen

can spread the contents of his shit head now directly to Heimat-Horst. Problem solved, further damage from democracy averted. ✔️

@aparrish I have just resorted to typing the repo names in the search box 🤷

@aparrish The move away from chronological ordering was really bad IMO.

@aparrish because while it's easy to mirror a git repository, that's not true for the interactions. We really need a federated version of github, so decentralised git servers plus the ability to star, fork, submit pull requests, run an issue tracker across instances.

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@freakazoid Last data I found is from 2015; that part of Germany was running on 75% renewables, mostly wind, compared to 25% for all Germany.

@freakazoid Yes, this I don't know.

It mentions that at least in Denmark, the prominent source might be wind energy; not sure about Lower Saxony, but it does run a lot of wind farms. But the article doesn't mention anything.

Wenn morgen den Abgang von durchsetzt, zeigt sie zumindest, dass ihr Koordinatensystem im Gegensatz zum Heimat-Horst noch halbwegs richtig geeicht ist.

We're set up at Ostbahnhof - Tumulus, opening of public art interventions happening today at 3 p.m.

Reminder, deadline coming:

- "Algorithms That Matter" Workshop at the impuls 11th International Ensemble and Composers Academy for Contemporary Music 2019

Special workshop for computer music practitioners, sound artists and composers

Call for Participation Deadline: October 1st, 2018

with Robin Minard, David Pirrò, Hanns Holger Rutz

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