Fragment (2017)

"nur die fließende, stille Bewegung wird von der Macht unerkannt bleiben"

"only the fluent, quiet movement will remain undetected by power."

Just after eight, we encountered these strange patches on a house wall. After closer inspection, it turns out these are all spider webs, moist after the rain and thus reflecting in the sunset (it took me five minutes to get the camera, so the illumination was already less impressive than we saw it first; I'll try again tomorrow to shoot this).

For , we found 47 of these acrylic discs, only needing to be laser cut to serve as speaker walls. This was just such an amazing "lucky find" in the light lab of TU Graz, we only need to get one extra plate.

If you are not familiar with acoustics, one has to place speakers either inside an enclosure (the conventional "box"), or you create a large surface, the travelling distance from the back centre around the boundary back to the front determining the lowest producible frequency.

Announcing the upcoming exhibitions of - still lot's of work, but we're on track, going to be a busy summer/autumn 🐙

Good luck to getting rid of their Trumpist Orbanist president today. 🇵🇱

Status: freeing my laptop by moving some rendering over to a Raspi cluster 🤓

Q: since I launched the rendering on them by logging in through ssh – what happens if I unplug the Ethernet? I suppose ssh will just choke, but the processes keep running, until I reconnect the cable. Right?

Here's my attempt:

Not too bad I guess, although connection to the image source is far from obvious to make.

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Uh, this should be perfect reconstruction (2D -> 1D -> 2D hilbert curve encoding).

Any ideas of esoteric ways to translate particular types of images to sound? I tried all the usual suspects, from direct encoding to Fourier and Wavelet transforms, to 2D -> 1D singular value decomposition. Nothing seems to produce anything interesting from this…

Here's the quick demo of the Stream object in Mellite 2.47.1:

Sorry, I wasn't that inspired, so it's a bit dry. I intend to make another video for `runWith` once I fix another nasty bug 😔


I published 2.47.0. It contains the new Stream object which is a Pattern but with persistent state, and a number of improvements in Ex/Control programs and the passing of attributes when running objects. Also the new oscilloscope is integrated.

Would anyone be interested that I make a video on the new features and changes?


- I feel one second in advance that my alarm clock will sound, so I can quickly punch it before the first "mörppp" is heard.
- I can identify a "particular" word on an entire page of a book, then spend ten to fifteen minutes actually finding where it appears in the text

@celesteh Corollary: randomness is what overflows your memory

@celesteh Although everything is periodic in an infinitely stretched out Fourier transform 🐋

We're doing a short contribution to the next- project live broadcast today between 16:15 and 16:30 CET - program is already running now, so you can tune in

Frichot, thinkable 

It's Saturday because at this point in the week you are extremely saturated.

Gilles Châtelet, graphic reason (mathematics) 

Glissant, right to opacity (1990) 

blanchot, "literature and the right to death" (1949) 

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