AfD, Höcke, massive threats, Nazi language 

AfD, Höcke, massive threats, Nazi language 


AfD, Höcke, massive threats, Nazi language 

AfD, Höcke, massive threats, Nazi language 

If ur in Berlin this week:

DUMPF EDITION #12 CD release concert

Fri Sep 20th, 7 pm
km28, Karl-Marx-Str. 28

Segmod is a non-standard sound synthesis that embraces the discrete nature of digital sound.

Doors 19:00; concert 19:30.

19:30 performances:

Daniele Pozzi
Luc Döbereiner
Hanns Holger Rutz
David Pirrò

20:30 discussion moderated by Leonie Reineke

21:00 performances:

Yota Morimoto
Lula Romero
Miriam Akkermann
Ji Youn Kang
Casper Schipper
Martin Lorenz

People should be punished for putting deadlines on Sundays :-/

@CobaltVelvet sine wave with amplitude 2.0 (or added DC offset), digitally clipped/wrapped around [-1.0, 1.0]

Stallman, FSF, MIT, misogyny 

Did Bootsy Collins just say, "Ah, suck my GitHub, baby?" :thonkery:

@hecanjog thanks a lot for verifying. Yeah, the packager has two zip options (java based versus native), I perhaps ran the wrong one. So will redo. At least I know where the problem is now :)

@aladar ah, the situation is truly depressing; do we have any hope that the process of assimilation with the mainland "system" is stoppable and Hong Kong maintains democratic autonomy...? :-/

@d6 curious - is he playing on anything but the first six or so strings, though?

@hecanjog Thanks; I think you have the same issue; could you try 'chmod a+x jre/bin/java' and run again? I think what the script is doing is trying to "fall back" to any other Java installation, so either it says no Java installed or, in your case, that the Java is too old (Java 6).

I have released v2.39.0 with tentative JDK-bundled binary builds for Linux and Windows (macOS: on my to-do list!). Probably there are still hiccups. Let me know if you have any trouble using these:

@paul I'm also looking into ways of making it more accessible to new people, so if you have any comments or run into issues, please let me know.

@paul Yes that's mostly correct. Where GUI also means embedded code editors, so I'm trying gradually to improve the mostly-typing interfaces over point-and-click. Sound output is mostly SuperCollider, although there are multiple other systems (FScape for non-realtime signal processing, for example).

I know Blue indeed, long time since I used it. Mellite includes a couple of similar things, like having a timeline editor, and (since recently) a DSL for defining user interface elements.

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