I'll be using for materials of a workshop in April. Realising that I usually use static conditionals when running FScape graphs directly, I'm now implementing a runtime variant If-Then-ElseIf-Else so the predicate can depend on anything in the graph. That's the same syntax as in ScalaCollider which also has this little known If-Then-ElseIf-Else extension (it will partition the graph into different synths which are paused and resumed, while here we partially launch Akka Stream nodes).

Talking of which... a new version v2.32.0 has been released.


The first one to drive new mini-IDE Dotterweide. Now you have diagnostics in code editors (red squiggles for errors in the code), you can highlight occurrences of a symbol (ctrl-shift F7; doesn't work always but in many cases), auto-completion is now full-document based and not line based as in the REPL (still needs polishing), and you can look up API docs via ctrl-alt-D. Tutorial to follow.

Excited that the programme of our research seminar 'Simulation and Computer in Music and ' is online now: orpheusinstituut.be/en/news-an

Registration is open till March 18!

Looking forward to meeting these people in Ghent at in two weeks.

After long time not attending (London 2012), I will be going again this year to - taking place at EPFL in Lausanne. I will be presenting my work on the computer music IDE : scaladays.org/schedule


My photo of the river from the train window got photobombed by another passing train, and I quite like the result!

actually made a translation "mistake" but very beautiful.

here is a gcd version:

play {
val mx = MouseX.kr(-200, 200)
val my = MouseY.kr(-200, 200)
val freq = (SinOsc.kr(0.3) * 20).gcd(GESeq(mx, my)) * 30 + 500
SinOsc.ar(freq) * 0.1

Working on documenting the GE operators in , translating some examples from SC. This is just a beautiful use of the lcm (least common multiple)

play {
val mx = MouseX.kr(-20, 20)
val my = MouseY.kr(-20, 20)
SinOsc.ar((SinOsc.kr(0.3) * 20) lcm (GESeq(mx, my) * 30 + 500)) * 0.1

I have a branch in Mellite for test driving my new Scala mini-IDE Dotterweide. This is already working great, have instant diagnostics (red squiggles) now to my avail βœ”οΈ

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