Pol, political violence 

Looks very useful: "Théâtre Acoustique Room Impulse Response Library" (CC BY-NC 4.0) lieuxperdus.com/convolver/down

You: The epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) belongs to the tyrosine kinase family of receptors. Binding of the epidermal growth factor (EGF) to the extra-cellular domain of EGFR induces receptor dimerisation and autophosphorylation of intracellular domains.

Me: Yeah, I was about to say exactly that.

We did breakfast cinema today and saw "Marianne & Leonard" - I think it's quite moving, even though it feels (expectedly, I guess) unbalanced with most energy given to Cohen. Kind of strange, as he is given most imagery / visual portrait, while Marianne is given more space in her own voice, but invisible as background narration.

China, Uighurs 

"The described machine has apparently never been built, but there is little doubt that it can be built any time soon <footnote: personal communication>"

ah.... o-kay

2.41.0 is published now. It continues the work on the Action and Control objects, used to define algorithmic couplings (“glue”) between various objects in Mellite.

Support for closures has been added, allowing to map and flatMap options and sequences of expressions. Some elements changed, such as the Act type in action and control programs, which means that programs that make use of it are not compatible with the way preliminary support had been in v2.40.0. A new tutorial will follow.

Get ready for the adjoining - Algorithms that Matter Symposium 2020 / 2020, with calls for contributions (deadline: 31 Jan 2020):

- Almat 2020: almat.iem.at/symposium.html
- xCoAx 2020: xcoax.org/

"what has been excluded from recognisability" / "the ability to recognise construction becomes a tool for preventing unwanted manipulation" 🚧

I'm starting to document the development process of - including Mellite workspaces you can download. Here's a start: researchcatalogue.net/view/665

2.40.0 is published now.

It continues the work on the 'Action' and 'Control' objects, used to define algorithmic couplings ("glue") between various objects in Mellite. In this version, particularly the passiving of parameters from a control object into a runner using `runWith` has been added, as well as a way to return values, e.g. from an FScape signal process, using `MkLong`, `MkDouble` etc. along with a `Var` passed into `runWith` from the invoking control object.

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