blast from the past - I worked with Hough transform in 2016, although the line based one. There is a variant, circle hough transform. Found a ImageJ plugin that I hope I can just extract the algorithm and run it headlessly. Seems to work despite the perspective distortion of the circles.

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some CSI vibes there. Anyone know a Java or Scala image processing library to quickly do the perspective alignment / equalisation of the markers?

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🎡 what a difference… a Pi cam makes… (first: original Pi cam v2.1, I think they don't make them any longer; second: cheap Joy-IT camera).

Having some fun with servos (never used them, so it's extra nice πŸ€“ ). Want to arrange them to trigger a spray can. That'll be the hard part.

Prepping our videos for the SAR Conference on Artistic Research 

Making two distinct entries, one with NayarΓ­ that includes a new mixed media piece "Divagation 2" – it combines digital image, synthetic sound, and spoken word, and turned out super beautiful – and one with the ALMAT team on the soon to be revealed meta-expo browsing interface on our extensive materials, also superexcited about that. The conference is in 2 1/2 weeks, so we'll publish the videos afterwards.

Done with my mic "corner" setup.

Since the acoustic panels affect the entire space, the effect of being inside vs outside the U-shaped setup is rather subtle:

In the room itself, I felt the difference on the voice more strongly than on the recording. You can mostly notice the more narrow spatiality of the inside sound, whereas the outside sound has a broader stereo image (obviously, due to more reflections), also it has stronger colourisation.

I remembered I had those ancient Quik Lok speaker monitor stands, so I attached two of them and put velcro blocks, so they are a frame for a mobile acoustic shield.

Got a second used pair, so I will be able to arrange a U-shaped thing for (hopefully) dry mic recordings.

quick sketch - superimposing horizontally and vertically interleaved series of one thousand image variants

Tomorrow evening Fri 20 Aug is the opening of my sound installation at Reagenz - space for artistic experiments, Graz. Show runs till end of September.

Still dedusting some glass πŸ˜…

Light and text installed, soldering done, one week to go for - still lots of cabling, screwing, setup, programming.

I think I have another few days of soldering ahead… On the upside, I found this great technique for magnet wire (Kupferlackdraht), squeezing a wire ferrule (AderendhΓΌlse) at its end; it also looks fabulous.

(why are these things called so weirdly in English?)

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