So I found a lens that works to focus an LCD at around 9 cm distance. Any technique to determine / measure the focal length of that thing (because I'd like to obtain a second one with similar parameters)?

Progress ; we can map and flatMap over `Ex[Option[_]]` now. Still unclear what the best way is to issue actions such as storing values from a drag-and-drop; we don't really want side-effects inside a map-closure...

Good night fediverse. Tomorrow with interpolation and composite rules.

val w = 640
val h = 480
val len = 8000
val x = SinOsc(7.2/len).linLin(-1,+1,0,w-1).roundTo(1)
val y = LFSaw (7.5/len).linLin(-1,+1,0,h-1).roundTo(1)
val sig = PenImage(
width = w,
height = h,
src = WhiteNoise(1.0).take(len),
x = x,
y = y,
next = Metro(len),
wrap = 0

Finishing the widget elements for UI programming in , slowly popowly starting to move modules from classical to the new embedded version. The UI looks more or less the same.

I'll be using for materials of a workshop in April. Realising that I usually use static conditionals when running FScape graphs directly, I'm now implementing a runtime variant If-Then-ElseIf-Else so the predicate can depend on anything in the graph. That's the same syntax as in ScalaCollider which also has this little known If-Then-ElseIf-Else extension (it will partition the graph into different synths which are paused and resumed, while here we partially launch Akka Stream nodes).

I have a branch in Mellite for test driving my new Scala mini-IDE Dotterweide. This is already working great, have instant diagnostics (red squiggles) now to my avail ✔️

Coming back to self-similarity matrices and old code. I have to do something new with this.

An old photo from my studio in Berlin in 2001. In the middle an Apple PowerPC, to the right a Roland XP-80 (somehow a wrong choice), above a Yamaha A3000 (brilliant piece of gear), to the left a Samson mixer that I still have (most potis damaged by now), in the rack a dbx 566 compressor (it was nice, I miss it...), a Waldorf Microwave XT (miss it, although I no longer do that kind of music), an Aphex aural exciter, a Tascam DA 20 DAT machine, ...

+ vernetzen book release

Wed 28.11.2018, 19h, Akademie , Neutorgasse 42

'schwärmen + vernetzen' explored transdisciplinary work in art. A collaboration of installation artist Nayarí Castillo, author Gertrude Grossegger, and sound artist Hanns Holger Rutz. Novel connections between text, space and sound.

The book combines work process, exhibition, and guest contributions.

Presentation: reading by Grossegger, concert by (Pirrò & Rutz)

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