Ok, this took quite long to craft and wire up. But looks neat and works nicely. Using a step-down DC converter so I can power both 12V screen and the 5V Pi from a single power adapter.

My favourite store in Graz is probably Neuhold Elektronik. You get your electronics in these small paper bags which has the perfect size and haptics to makes you feel like you're in a candy store (just for adults ;)

FPÖ Nazis 

Hier ist übrigens die rassistische Kampagne der Partei, die derzeit *mitregiert* und den Vizebürgermeister stellt. Kein Witz. Ich hoffe ich habe richtig gehört, dass bereits eine Anzeige wegen Volksverhetzung oder Anstachelung zum Rassenhass läuft.

Started building (early stage) another stereoscopic version for “Kontakt (simultan)”, which I will be taking to Rijeka next week for Glowing Globe.

I love to return to materials again and again, and rework them and try out new ways of using them.

e.g. transfer colour histogram:

gmic -input source.jpg -input target.jpg -transfer_histogram[1] [0] -output[1] output.jpg

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One of my weekend activities was starting to support embedded Neovim in Mellite. Still a long way till this will be smooth, but already amazed to see that one can now have tools like method signature hover and rename-refactoring 😮

important cat content 

A while ago some teas ended up on the kitchen floor, and Lucrecia adopted one of them. We cleaned up today, and she was going coocoo sniffing the remaining molecules.

So we had to identify "her tea" again. Of the four candidates (all Bosnian herbal teas), she quickly settled on "the one" 😺

So the ETM-001 arrived, and it seems to be a really great omni microphone for Raspi installations, works nicely with the cheap 68878 sound card. And it's definitely not "too hot" like some reviews suggest, indeed I still need to amplify quite a bit. Without extensive tests, seems the noisiness is not too bad.

And the Koreans definitely know how to make a nice design, super slick glossy black metal body, and very appealing packaging as well.

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