So the ETM-001 arrived, and it seems to be a really great omni microphone for Raspi installations, works nicely with the cheap 68878 sound card. And it's definitely not "too hot" like some reviews suggest, indeed I still need to amplify quite a bit. Without extensive tests, seems the noisiness is not too bad.

And the Koreans definitely know how to make a nice design, super slick glossy black metal body, and very appealing packaging as well.

kreuzen kreuzen kreuzen 

I am experimenting with hundreds of recorded versions of the word 'kreuzen' (to cross, to hybridise). Looking at th sonagrams, there is both a horizontal and a spectral pause, kind of imposing a black cross on the image.

The people from are making a guest exhibition at around the topic of the "autonomous self". Here are two pieces by Daniele Pozzi, one is a flat screen piece with ever rewriting text, the other a feedback system with rotating speaker / mic. On site till Friday, but also online at

Eduardo sent me this photo today - there's a chapter of me on human-machine relations and artistic process. Melting to get a physical copy finally.

is going into its final exhibition week at . More true to its name, now one of the possible actions is a dice throw, which gives you the choices "1" (Yes), "0" (No), "*" (Neither).

The program for the Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics and X is now online at . All events are free to attend from July 12 to 16!

day today at Reagenz - we did our best to tidy things, here are some nice shots. Day started sunny, now there is some rain, but that cools down the temperature, which isn't too bad.

Countdown has started for my @nayaricm 's work-in-progress show at Reagenz Graz - space for artistic experiments. Open from Sat 19 June 11 am.

for text line contributions:

Send me your notes and thoughts on 'waiting'. What are you waiting for, is that waiting hopeful, or anxious, or incurious?

A hybrid piece with an online Mastodon bot form via @kontakt ; and a physical installation form at Reagenz Graz.

Boosts welcome!

how it was attached. the double-sided tape didn't let any sound pass, so... I ordered much more subtle clamps now :)

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This K&K piezo mic is acceptable. For a price of just under 40 EUR I would have hoped for less hum, but I guess I can filter that out mostly.

Just some L-system plant I "grew" for project Sublim (2016). It was then actually redrawn by hand with red ink on acrylic glass.

I find fascinating how the passing of time, differences in rectangle detection, and slight movements due to irrigation produce subtly different images that you can look at stereoscopically (cross your eyes to bring left and right image into congruence). Credits: @kontakt

Working on a net sound poem, in|fibrillae, which will be premiered at xCoAx in July (or shortly before).

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