We're set up at Ostbahnhof - Tumulus, opening of public art interventions happening today at 3 p.m.


At least electro-acoustically all is ready. I still need to translate my fscape limiter to the new system, and the real-time download isn't implemented yet. Lot's of things left to do apart from the physical installation...

Ok, this was a good idea: power is distributed on Speakon, DI control signal goes out on a jack.

So we've got the pi recorder up and running in CDMX; woah, I'm happy there were no technical complications. Here's some sky fragment from Mexico City ;) It will be converted into 76 RGB colours soon to be reproduced in Graz.

[2/2] The other is , the vernissage is a week later, but the amount of work is .... a generative procedure still has to be implemented that recombines the text and sound fragments in a meaningful way. Lot's of programming ahead 😨

[1/2] Next three weeks are going to be crazy, I hope we don't die of stress.

Week after next we'll set up at the Ostbahnhof Graz. Today I checked that the Internet surf stick works on the Linux machine so data from Mexico can be downloaded, and the S/PDIF converter works as well to have 12 analog outs. And finally I cut the LED strip into four parts, it also survived ✔️

So why the effort? Here's what I can do now (very crude sketch, but seems robust): I can segment the voice recordings of our project and determine if the voice goes up or down at the end of a phrase / sentence; if it goes down (at least in German), it means I can have the algorithms insert additional breaks and pauses, whereas when the voice goes up, the pauses should not be expanded much as the gesture is incomplete.

From Mexico back to Graz, these will house the speakers. Changing now from hospital-puke-green test colour to actual sky blue.

I wrote a little UI for the Raspi cam I'm sending away in the project. I hope it's both simple and flexible enough to get "neutrally" exposed pics.

Raspi case with embedded camera slot, and 3.5" touch panel arrived. Everything works, calibrated, really nice, even at 480 x 320 resolution; so far, ScalaCollider is happy with the microphone signal from USB Behringer interface, cheap 5 MP camera works as well.

All this goes to Mexico city next week for project, where colour of sky and sound resonances will be transmitted back to Graz (for two weeks in September). In Graz, I use RGB LEDs and small speaker array in public space.

Tested some high power (3W, 10W) LED RGB "dots". They are really nice, already the 3W one at 5V is super strong. For project, though, we finally settled on a WS2811 strip that will be cut into 1m pieces. WS2811 is super-easy to run from a raspi.

Widget DSL making progress. Need to add some action instances now to run SoundProcesses objects, and a better panel layout, then almost done for a MWE…

Working on a DSL for /Mellite to create embedded user interfaces, using purely declarative / functional API. Next step will be coupling to expressions from outer workspace, adding specific widgets like PathField, so I should be able to represent FScape v1 modules within Mellite, and we're going to use this for processing in the Mäanderungen generator...

The example shows a simple expression coupling `slE.enabled = !cb.selected`; looks imperative, but RHS is `Not(Selected(cb))`.

Our studio is finally represented by a proper sign. :blobcheerbounce:

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