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Hnns Hlgr Rtz

Nice opening at ; 'Körper α' we already knew, 'Körper β' is new to us; it still feels a bit unfinished, I guess we'll give it another iteration at some point. The two also correspond well together in the same space. I made some snaps from the rest of the exhibition, will post soon.

This is a characteristic resonance from "Tremor" (Franz Liszt museum project) 2007…

Aprpos the side no one will see or hear... so I took my backup harddrive (like I did before) and collected sound files from the past ten years, and those sometimes were collected from the previous ten years, and even as pure resonances, I can identify some pieces. This is a characteristic sound from "Dream" of the "Manga" project anno 2002…

Pretty waveform…

I algorithmically selected 2K sounds of which the resonances are extracted; the loudness model doesn't work 100% accurately, so now I gotta listen through these two thousand snippets to balance the relative gains. Damn algorithms...

Impulse responses from the porcelain plates of 'Körper β' - although all have more or less the same size, they have different spectra.

After a week of extraordinary sun, is back to the weather we've been warned of :-O Still having lots of fun, today is last workshop day.

(1) is up and running at Bergen - in the next days I will post some photos of all the other pieces that make up 'Thresholds of the Algorithmic'.

Now busy preparing our workshop that begins tomorrow.

We're prototyping the sound interaction with now (next week Friday it will be shown in ).

Yesterday I was sceptic whether moving my experimentation from IntelliJ into a Mellite, which meant restructuring lots of glue code and introducing many constraints, was good idea. Now that everything indeed runs in Mellite (I have simple view wrapper for Sphere GNG, as shown in screen shot), I am confident it was the right decision. I can now tweak parameters while installation is running.

SphereGNG working finally after lots of bug chasing 😑

We had fun yesterday at - I'm waiting for the copy of the recording to get a better impression, but I sensed people liked it.

It's that time of the year again

Fiddling around with the monitor mount; I would improve the construction if I did the mold again, but for now it should be "ok". Just have to find a good way to hide two corners of the frame. (Video image is from other project, just for testing).

Poor man's parallel programming, I just split the batch and ran the shit three times. (The forth core is for tooting)

Now using stochastic sampling - much faster, and actually nicer. Only again something weird is happening somewhere with the spherical coordinates, but perhaps I leave it like this, as the scattering is nice.

Some funny things happening when playing back the spectrally zoomed constant Q transformed doppler signal mapped to voronoi coodinates (in other words - what's the bloody perceptual link here?)

Something went wrong with those trigonometrics (the sphere is supposed to rotate)

This but at higher resolution, and using an actual Voronoi to cover a 1/5th of a sphere.