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Hnns Hlgr Rtz

So my bully-free experience has been good with this filter:

I don't want to sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist. Show more

Spent some work on moving part of my current experiments with a collaborative radio piece '' to use my DSP offline system. Needed to implement a handful of new UGens, but finally I get to actually experiment with the signal transformation flow. This becomes a fabulous way of experimentation. Hopefully I get to write about it soon…

Next week Friday 24.11. I'll play a concert with my old friend Ludger Hennig at the 20th anniversary of Weimar's Studio for electroacoustic Music - it's going to be fun, we haven't played together since a while.

Back from Riga. Left my luggage unattended for 1/2 minute. found a soft spot next to the soldering iron.

Nachdem nun von einer Koalition mit der rechtsextremen regiert wird, ereignen sich immer ekligere Dinge. Österreichs Top-Schmierblatt paktiert nun mit dem kackbraunen Eustacchio, der am liebsten alle ihm unliebsamen Kulturinitativen zerstören würde. Hier mit absurden Mutmaßungen und Suggestionen gegen die geschichtsträchtige Grazer Institution .

Black is beautiful - spray-painted the ugly red/white RCA plugs, six pairs of which will go into my installation 'wr_t_ng m_ch_n_', shown in Riga from Oct 19.

Ok, so I'm not crazy. That 150W adaptor was never in my studio. I stifted through photos and found that I had used a 60W adaptor instead that seems to have been sufficient for the amp. So that missing 150W piece is somewhere in the storage I guess.

Prepping - revised version of 2011 piece Writing Machine for exhibition in Riga in October. So far, I have recovered all ingredients, if only I hadn't cannibalised some of the piezos for another piece. In any case, some soldering ahead as I'm going from 8 to 6 piezos per channel.

amp + power = 2kg; box of 18 petri dishes = 2kg; 3 amps and 4 boxes = 14 kg. few kilos for the luggage itself, plus a can of graphite and wax; oh, and the bloody power adaptors of the raspberry pi. hopefully <23kg in sum.

Ok, so this was predictable when I left my luggage of dirty clothing open. Picture complete with impedance converter coils on the left.

Achievement unlocked - installed gnuradio, rtlsdr, gqrx and finally got to pushing pulseaudio over jack. listening to , soon to be pumped to SuperCollider ;)