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Hnns Hlgr Rtz

Suspending or propping up? Now I'm thinking that elevating the plates with metal sticks from floor could work better than hanging from steel wires. Test with broken ceramics, transducers still sound as required, although not much colouring through the ceramics are audible.

Developing possible covers for the catalog

Retracing image with GNG (growing neural gas)

I realised I don't really like editing Scala code in , because the Scala editor is just too weak. So I warmed up again to the idea of utilising the plug-in for . It basically seems to be possible, although I anticipate a lot of problems, e.g. state persistence, windowing...

Here's my proof of concept that the app can be embedded...

The big next question is if and how the Scala editor could be used from my program.

Ok, we're a few minutes past here in Austria. But this happened today 😸

On Friday, we were making fresh observations for the project. Found some very particular zebra crossings (and a fantastic place to exhibit, so fingers crossed we'll get the permission).

Achievement unlocked. Nighty night.

Getting there (still)... some margins are off, sigh

Not that it doesn't have any merit....

The bloody neural gas crossed the boundary, and Mr Dijkstra was quick to follow :-/

#??? driven development. My favourite micro-feature

That's the GNG output for unfolded six pages.

This was this morning, trying to combine the most important two properties of : and - cat wasn't so keen on my pancakes tho

Ok, I think I understood the basic paths...

Cracking my brain over this question: How many alternative paths (none of which contains another) can you draw between two points on two different pages of a (bound) book? How many if you allow rotations but not mirroring?

Cleaned up my studio today - David's coming over and we'll do a bit of rehearsing, yeah! :anarchy:

This text fade-in/out cost me a lot of time fighting with XML, SVG parsing and affine transforms, so appreciate it 🤓

How can there be no posts for today, yet?

Lucrecia celebrated her 8th birthday this week.

(photo credt: @nayaricm)