saw a reMarkable 2 today and got a bit envious. But is there something alternative that doesn't require a proprietary cloud service, and that I can sync directly with a Linux computer?

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@sciss That's my pet peeve with these devices: they all seem to require some kind of corporate cloud solution. I've been looking at the Kobos (the Sage and the Elipsa), and they can barely export notes and highlights. I need this to be transparent, and I need it to work with my (Linux) workflow, otherwise it's all way too expensive for what you get.

@sciss It's not a turn-key solution, but I believe this could be doable on the RM.

I don't ever "auto-sync", but I can use a mix SSH and CURL to occasionally pull documents off the RM. (Recently I've been using it as a PDF reader, so I've been pushing more documents to it now). This can be done over WiFi or directly via USB (it shows up as a USB network device).

I don't use the Cloud service. In fact, I think they did some policy changes and turned off my cloud service since I didn't opt-in.

But, to answer your question, the PineNote maybe could be something (it doesn't seem as polished, but potentially more hackable)? I'd also explicitly recommend avoiding the Boox products.

@paul I see, good to know you could bypass the cloud and copy the documents nevertheless; could be good enough for me. Boox is anyway too expensive. Keeping an eye on the PineNote.

@sciss you can copy files to it directly, but i don't think there are fancy turnkey applications to do the syncing for you.

@sciss That also was the dealbreaker for me. Why can't we have nice things?

@sciss feel free to ignore this, but i use a 10 year old nook simple touch ($20-30 on ebay). i can't sync with wifi, but all's i need to do is pull the microSD card out of the simple touch, stick in laptop, run a single command (i wrote a script to pull down articles for reading later), then stick it back in my nook.

my script to download articles is here:

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