Linux audio woes, Focusrite (~, +) 

You don't know how much time I spent today on my Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 Gen 1. After using the thing at 96 kHz once years ago, it kept having an issue with analog line outputs muted / just DC (except front headphones jacks). Since I had never used it on the "new" laptop, I decided to give it another try today. No luck. I went back to a 2014 Mac Mini, OS X 10.10 which often "helped" in putting the device back into sane mode. Switching sample rate forth and back etc. etc. No luck. I spent time on Internet search etc. No luck. Ok, I tried one more thing - there is a newer MixControl software that only works under 10.12 or higher, so I found a Mac with 10.15. And when I launched the control, to my joy an "updating firmware" dialogue popped up. That bumped the firmware from 632 (634?) to 1100. Aha. Analog outs work on the Mac. Back to the Linux laptop. Wipe asound.state, reboot, reconnect. Halleluhjah! I hope this remains in good state now, it's my only interface with that many analog channels. :blobsweats:

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