Glowing Globe Rijeka 

In less than an hour opens the exhibition at Kortil, where we show our sound oracle "Aleatorium", and the stereoscopic object "Kontakt (simultan)".

Tomorrow is a companion symposium which can be followed online, starting at 10 am.

Join via Zoom:

Meeting ID: 856 6318 7140

Or watch live streaming on YouTube:

Web 1 0 0

Glowing Globe Rijeka 

@sciss People really use Zoom still? Goodness, well, why not run into privacy violations open-eyed 馃槑 That's kind of like Goethe Institute webinars on bloody Adobe Connect or MS 360...
EDIT: Not to be forgotten: Sounds interesting and I'd love to join (but really only on, BBB, senfcall)
or even more see/hear the actual works. Hope all runs well.

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