Anyone know of an open source written in a JVM language (Scala, Java, …). And no: not something that eventually runs in JS on node.js. Thanks

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@sciss Dan Shiffman (aka The Coding Train) has tutorials on using Processing/Java to do bots. I think he demo'ed both Mastodon and Twitter.

@sciss you could sub out the node for posting with a cronjob. i've done this with python before, no javascript for example, to post processing-java sketches using the tweepy library

@sciss sorry, my last post for now. i see this for example if you want to keep evrything in java, though it's a few years old.

@exquisitecorp thanks for both links, definitely helpful. I also saw that the API is actually no so complicated, once you understand REST and have an OAuth token. So I think I will be able to go on from here.

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