🎵 what a difference… a Pi cam makes… (first: original Pi cam v2.1, I think they don't make them any longer; second: cheap Joy-IT camera).


some CSI vibes there. Anyone know a Java or Scala image processing library to quickly do the perspective alignment / equalisation of the markers?

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blast from the past - I worked with Hough transform in 2016, although the line based one. There is a variant, circle hough transform. Found a ImageJ plugin that I hope I can just extract the algorithm and run it headlessly. Seems to work despite the perspective distortion of the circles.

I guess I should put circle markers on the glass slide directly, otherwise if the slides move, the separate circles don't help much

@sciss I'm a total newbie to this, why do you need the markers at all? And what mans CSI?

@jayrope I want to be able to undo slight camera movements over time (weeks, months), so I'm taking the four cross-hairs as fixed, and to be used for post processing, in order to be able to crop the same portion of the photo now in four months.

CSI = crime scene investigators

@sciss @jayrope very interesting...please share if you learn more

btw, "traditional" calibration markers always remind me of *these* others markers...I was stunned when I learnt they even exist:

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