'web sound space' 

We were discussing yesterday, whether to iterate a sound installation for 'browser format'. I think it's a radically different space (and would be an entirely new piece). Some thoughts:

- personal, intimate space
- noisy space ("between tabs", "between coffee and e-mail")
- framed space, poststamp space. who has their laptop wired up normally to a good sound system?
- volatile space (open a tab, close a tab, forgotten)
- radiophonic space (tending to your computer is not unlike listening to a radio receiver? also: "radio background"; remote connection)
- connected space (when going via a server vs. front-end only)?
- what's the source of time? does it start when you open the tab, does the piece "always exist" and you merely tune in?
- multiphonic space (there can be different tabs running)
- controlled space (mute / unmute)
- what else?

Web 2 1 1

'web sound space' 

@sciss a few browser pieces off the top of my head: (my own, a simpler interaction but very much intended for browser)

I'm also working on a piece with sound artist Tina Pearson which I can link when we get something up.

There's also a whole genre of internet art but I couldn't give any references. (Digging through theorists like Frances Dyson, McKenzie Wark, Wendy Chun could be fruitful)

'web sound space' 

@sciss definitely lots to think about and work with and I like the ideas you've got so far. It's tricky to make something people will come back to, the internet is a pretty amnesiac space...

'web sound space' 

@sciss Working with or rather developing browser extensions might be interesting? You probably know the piece 鈥淟istening Back鈥 by Jasmine Guffond.

'web sound space' 

@jine (ah no, wrong, I did come across their work before)

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