I immensely love these two records I discovered today thanks to @c307

- C307 - “R.-Cando” (1995) -
- Carlos Suárez - “Metaforas do tempo” (2008) -

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Thanks to you too @sciss

The Sciss works are really fantastic (I like especially the subtle and deep sensitivity of Residual album)

Have you published other works more recently?

@c307 Thanks! I haven't worked much on an "album" kind of thing after that. There are few shorter works which I want to put out when I find time. I went into intensive live improvisation things, which are not so useful to publish, then I did some multi-channel works for concerts, which also don't translate easily to home listening situation, then I mostly focused on sound installation. But I'm working on a new album now, but the process is very slow, so no E.T.A., hopefully second half of 2021.

@sciss Well, your sound work is very interesting. Let us know about him when you have something available.
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