Soundfile editors - poll 

When you consider your preferred soundfile editor, what is the most important / most defining feature or function for you? What is missing? (answer with reply)

Background: I made a small update of the Eisenkraut soundfile editor - - as I'm editing a lot of recordings, tiny UI improvements such as dialogue focus and keyboard shortcuts help. I hope to integrate the editor with Mellite in the next year.

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Soundfile editors - poll 

Looking good so far :)

I don't find myself editing a lot of audio files much anymore. So, take everything I say with 2 grains of salt.

For editors designed to edit one file at a time, being able to load things quickly is important.

After that, a solid set of keyboard shortcuts. I don't even care if I can't customize it if they are well thought out, though these days I do have a weakness for HJKL.

I use tab to transient a lot when it is available for me. Also, being able to easily split and apply small crossfades between regions is an operation I find myself doing a lot. Reaper has this excellent feature where you can overlap to regions together and they automatically crossfade.

As for what's missing: I have yet to find a single/multi-track editor that can easily "reload" an audio file. This sort of thing would be useful for generative music projects where I want to re-render stems without closing program.

Soundfile editors - poll 

@paul thanks; is "tab to transient" a feature of a particular program? And by "reload" you mean, you overwrite a file on disk and want to refresh the editor?

Soundfile editors - poll 

@sciss tab-to-transient is a feature I've seen in the audio editors in REAPER, ProTools, and maybe Ableton live? Basically you hit "tab" and it moves the cursor playhead to the next transient in the audio file. Really helpful way to chop up things like drum tracks, or just to navigate and review small segments of audio like when I'm vocal comping or something.

By reload, I mean having the ability for an external program to rewrite an audio file that the editor currently has loaded, and then for the editor to be able to reload the waveform and file information.

I hope this all makes sense!

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