We're super busy preparing Almat + xCoAx 2020 calls; hopefully all goes well, and we'll announce them next Monday. 🤞

BTW - if you have good ideas for dissemination channels that reach a suitable and diverse audience, send me a DM. We have the usual suspects, like Spectre, Rohrpost, DEGEM, SARA. Anything pertaining to critical digital, sound, and computer art. Thx

@sciss Where is the next xCoAx, anyway? I would consider submitting the call to nettime as well, seems very relevant. :)

@sciss Oooh, that's finally close & convenient enough that I might just try to make it! I've heard good things (and had a few friends & acquaintances present).

@nikola Yes, it's a very nice event. As said, calls will be out probably next week.

@sciss Sounds good! Good luck with the organization! 🤞 👏

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