There is a peculiar phenomenon with "strict" repetitive electronic sounds that I noticed a few times. When listening to these sounds for prolonged durations (a minute or two suffice) via headphones, then turning them off, all your "natural" acoustic environment has a strange modulation to it. E.g. with the following sound, the acoustic "after image" I have is some "bubbly" or "fft-ish" modulation of my environment. Guess it's a neural-physiological thing: (try with loop)


scalacollider-code for that sound:
val freq0 = Seq(1.0, 1.02).map(_ * 8.824352)
val freq2 = Seq(1.0, 0.994).map(_ * 7860.8604)
val xi = = freq0, iphase = 0.0)
val freq_0 = xi clip2 0.011223611
val lFDNoise3 =
val cuspN = = freq2, a = 1.0, b = 0.0, xi = xi)
val mix = Mix(lFDNoise3, cuspN))
val sig = * 0.5),

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