Been hacking on a fully modulatable convolution UGen for (2). Seems to be working finally, allowing some funky things like quasi-continuous brickwall frequency filtering using dynamic windowed-sinc kernels 🤓 .

Next I want to try this as anti-aliasing filters for synchronous frequency shifting.

@sciss Slightly OT and just out of curiosity, does ScalaCollider work with SubstrateVM? Mellite shouldn't anyway (on account of JavaFX).

@ruivieira Is SubstrateVM == GraalVM? I haven't digged into that at all, but I thought you can run more or less any Scala program on GraalVM (?)

@sciss Yes, SubstrateVM is just the component that performs the AOT to native. But it doesn't support dynamic class loading atm, for instance.

@ruivieira So which cases wouldn't work (require dynamic class loading)? Just when using reflection, or ... ? I guess ScalaCollider should work, but again I haven't tested it...

@sciss This is a nice weekend project. :) I'll try it and let you know.

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