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It's Saturday because at this point in the week you are extremely saturated.

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About this account

I'm a sound and digital artist, interested in installation and intermedia, improvisation and electronic/electroacoustic music. I develop a bunch of open source software.

I keep only one account, so the toots are a mix of sound/art focused things, random thoughts, and few rants (CW'd, and you don't need to share my opinion). I'm friendly/respectful 🍍 + aim to keep an open mind.

Account is locked (allow time to review), because I don't want bots and nazis to follow me. Thx 🌈

there is no space for religious extremism in liberal and democratic societies.

Ok, most of widget DSL can also output scala.js now :

Too lazy to fiddle with the CSS or make it more pretty, it's functional enough. (since FScape is designed for non-realtime and this is a hack of outputting sound, changing the parameters has no effect now until you stop and re-start the example).

Should I learn Rust to solve the problem of SuperCollider server never materialising with a WebAssembly back-end?

analog bubbles, huh?

(very inefficiently running through fscape compiled to .js, but well, it's proof of concept)

"decent" being relative to your browser. decent in chromium but heavy on firefox, alas

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Actually more excited about coupling to real-time. This seems to work decently without doing yet any performance analysis / optimisation (circulating 3 buffers Γ  1024 sample frames)

val n = WhiteNoise()
val SR = 48000
val modFreq = Seq[GE](0.1, 0.123).map(_ / SR)
val freq = SinOsc(modFreq).linExp(-1, 1, 200, 2000)
val f = LPF(n, freq / SR)
val sig = f * 100
Frames(sig.out(0)).poll(Metro(SR), "metro")

I did an experiment in 2015 in Scala.js for a PD-like web patch. Just looked at the old sources and updated them to work with current versions:

Just standard WebAudio objects used, though, no script-processor-nodes yet.

that test program just measures the RMS of a piece of lowpass filtered white noise, nothing fancy :)

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After some years, returning to Scala.js to see if I can work towards running part of SoundProcesses in browser. After disabling some unsupported API (file I/O), I can already demonstrate the FScape rendering runs in the browser. Nice! Now I need to find a way to add a simple local storage for virtual sound files and their playback.

Today at 22:00h CEST (UTC+2), for one hour I'm live on DIENSTbar @ Transmission No. 48, online radio

"Bar-tailed godwit breaks world record for non-stop bird flight"

Soundfile editors - poll 

When you consider your preferred soundfile editor, what is the most important / most defining feature or function for you? What is missing? (answer with reply)

Background: I made a small update of the Eisenkraut soundfile editor - - as I'm editing a lot of recordings, tiny UI improvements such as dialogue focus and keyboard shortcuts help. I hope to integrate the editor with Mellite in the next year.

Almat 2020 program online now 

We now added recordings of the three round table discussions on the symposium:

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quick sketch - superimposing horizontally and vertically interleaved series of one thousand image variants

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