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for Applications: We're excited to organise another that Matter () workshop in the special program of Academy 2019. Next February, we will work together with sound artist and composer Robin Minard and the selected participants on a site-specific and environment-aware sound installation for the (Museum of Perception) in .


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My cat is too cute; I put my big luggage and my hand luggage in two opposite spots in the house to see how long it takes to be occupied. She was test-lying in the first luggage for half an hour, now quietly moved on top of the other one. ❤️

So I'm back from Madrid. was enjoyable as always; the city is definitely too hot, but it compensates by cooling down the beers to around 0 degrees, something other countries should follow. Next year in Milano.

tfw you remember you left icecream in the freezer, in a difficult to find spot so it wouldn't be gone on day 1 😋

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Now talking at is Lali Barrière who performed by far my favourite piece on yesterday's concert evening, a minimalist combination of sine tones and spectra with extremely slowly modulating monochromatic light.

Interesting position at the University of Sussex in Brighton, UK, combining , , and machine learning.

I don't know about you, but I find it just mind blowing that a bloody can travel in space to us from 3.7 billion light years away without getting caught up, getting tired or something else.


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Very interesting talk about continguency, tiny changes, complexity of systems

Now at the keynote of Pep Vidal:

"Do you know any space that remains constant forever? -long silence in the audience- No? Me neither."


First paper session of ; a fast paced presentation of Graziele Lautenschlaeger about media gaps, light-to-sound translation and Vilem Flusser (too fast for me, will have to read the paper); then Frieder Nake, nothing unexpected and historic references only to male artists, still enjoyable. Now up Rodrigo Hernández-Ramírez. The paper PDFs are available online now:

Nice opening at ; 'Körper α' we already knew, 'Körper β' is new to us; it still feels a bit unfinished, I guess we'll give it another iteration at some point. The two also correspond well together in the same space. I made some snaps from the rest of the exhibition, will post soon.

Hefeweizen aus der Dose ✔️

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