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The " - Aesthetico-Epistemic Operators in " book is out at Leuven University Press.

*Open access* (free) PDF version, including my chapter " under Reconfiguration":

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for Applications: We're excited to organise another that Matter () workshop in the special program of Academy 2019. Next February, we will work together with sound artist and composer Robin Minard and the selected participants on a site-specific and environment-aware sound installation for the (Museum of Perception) in .


😓 running apt upgrade on the pi after running into ip-v6 issues with my home wifi router; i hope nothing breaks...

From Mexico back to Graz, these will house the speakers. Changing now from hospital-puke-green test colour to actual sky blue.

Testing the audio-photo recorder for

My Pi based sky colour and sound resonance recorder is advancing; photo calibration all good, including white balance and ROI rubberband selection. I'm having it test run now some iterations; custom settings are 12 seconds of audio plus one photo, then a minute of break. This gives me perhaps 200-300 MB per hour of uploads that I need to drain at the other end.

I wrote a little UI for the Raspi cam I'm sending away in the project. I hope it's both simple and flexible enough to get "neutrally" exposed pics.

"Southbank Centre and Heather Roche are teaming up to host a edit-a-thon on September 2nd, with the aim of adding more to Wikipedia's database."

Just finished reading Murakami's "Killing Commendatore" (in German) - what a wonderful book 🖤 I think I didn't read a novel in several years, these two volumes went down really quick.

Raspi case with embedded camera slot, and 3.5" touch panel arrived. Everything works, calibrated, really nice, even at 480 x 320 resolution; so far, ScalaCollider is happy with the microphone signal from USB Behringer interface, cheap 5 MP camera works as well.

All this goes to Mexico city next week for project, where colour of sky and sound resonances will be transmitted back to Graz (for two weeks in September). In Graz, I use RGB LEDs and small speaker array in public space.

Tested some high power (3W, 10W) LED RGB "dots". They are really nice, already the 3W one at 5V is super strong. For project, though, we finally settled on a WS2811 strip that will be cut into 1m pieces. WS2811 is super-easy to run from a raspi.

I put up some photos from the exhibition of of the Algorithmic (June 2018 Lydgalleriet Bergen):

Quick tutorial introducing the new widget abstraction in v2.25.1

(low audio quality, sorry)

(2.25.1 fixes a bug with slider.max in 2.25.0)

The 'part 1' intro tutorial for is now available on : - looks great, the web interface is also good. Uploading the remaining tutorials now, and will add a sixth for the new widgets abstraction this week.

v2.25 is out:

The computer music environment has received two new interrelated systems in this release: DSL for expressions, similar to existing `Expr` but you write an immutable graph like do for patterns or procs. On top, a new abstraction `Widget` which allows you to build tiny user interfaces within a workspace. This will become especially useful in relation to FScape.

Tutorial to be added soon! In the meantime, download and try the 'ImageSynth' workspace.

Interesting short from 1980: Manuel DeLanda - "RAW NERVES: A Lacanian Thriller"

"…because the mind can receive news only of dif­ference, there is a difficulty in discriminating between a slow change and a state. There is necessarily a of below which gradient cannot be perceived." (Gregory Bateson, Mind and Nature, 1979)

The " - Aesthetico-Epistemic Operators in " book is out at Leuven University Press.

*Open access* (free) PDF version, including my chapter " under Reconfiguration":

Widget DSL making progress. Need to add some action instances now to run SoundProcesses objects, and a better panel layout, then almost done for a MWE…


negozio di ottica, Taiwan, 1930