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for Applications: We're excited to organise another that Matter () workshop in the special program of Academy 2019. Next February, we will work together with sound artist and composer Robin Minard and the selected participants on a site-specific and environment-aware sound installation for the (Museum of Perception) in .


Tomorrow I'll see how this looks on a miniature screen with optical lens:

Gotta figure out how to render this much faster; could also use some interpolation and do away with the frequency cropping.

Something went wrong with those trigonometrics (the sphere is supposed to rotate)

This but at higher resolution, and using an actual Voronoi to cover a 1/5th of a sphere.

recursively rephrasing a sentence by replacing small subtrees with semantically-similar subtrees of the same dependency type...

I was ignorant for many years – only just now did I realise why these are called cables

Through out these PNGs to test the correctness of a new RotateFlip UGen in FScape; out of laziness wrote them to the home directory, now every time I open the file manager, I see these colours, and that makes me happy LOL

The settings here are: sr = 96000.0, freqMinN = 39500.0 / sr, freqMaxR = 40506.3 / sr, numBands = 384, fftSize = 8192, winStep = 384

Some beautiful Doppler analysis; I added the Constant-Q filter to FScape, currently in the SNAPSHOT of the work branch (new release soon) - the README has more or less the corresponding code:

A factor of 29.35 equals 29.35 decibels.

also you can create an account and upload sound memories, it seems.

Nice web piece: - listen to field recordings located roughly between two specified locations.

We decided to found - Association for Artistic Experiments, to channel our future projects. Next step will be official registration with the city council next week, and we'll set up a website.

Ok, those 26 EUR LogiLink "7.1" USB sound cards work out of the box and fine on Linux, sound quality seems ok, you get the 8 channels output via 4 stereo mini jack sockets.

The only thing I find slightly annoying is a blue LED that blinks during audio transmission, but that can be simply taped off.