Also 15.12.1998, twenty years ago: Manifestations in Berlin Pankow against the (now defunct) right extremist party REP intending to rent the former Jewish cigarette factory Garbáty as party headquarter.

It somehow must have had success, because I remember playing with noise trio Chromatic Field there four years later, in 2002, as part of Gallery SoToDo's performance congress.

Next manifestation on Jan 10 - for social unity and solidarity, against the populist division and social erosion. A statement that right extremists being in the government is not and will never be considered normal.

- seit drei Wochen auch in ; war heute das erste Mal dabei ; das ganze muss noch ziemlich wachsen, aber war bewegend, so viele Leute für Solidarität, gegen die Spaltung der Gesellschaft, gegen Rassismus, für ein gemeinsames Europa.

@confederada #hola, entrando a la red por vez primera, con esperanzas de expander mi network feminista y de activismo dentro de las artes visuales, localizada en austria, pensé que ya era hora de trabajar también en lengua materna!

Fixed a bug in with the file-chooser in Ubuntu. New binaries now hosted on

In Karlsruhe for - 's collaboration with for this year's festival.

Tonight was a great concert, tomorrow we'll have a symposium block in the morning.

@ Orpheus research seminar 2019 - for proposals - simulation and computer experimentation in sound art and music

We already have a number of interesting proposals in - but since I posted late to SAR anncounce, we extended the deadline by a week to 08 December:

When you were little, did you play with those flip books that have halves (or thirds) of animals and you can recombine them in various ways?

Make yourself a cup of tea and settle in to the hybridizer:

+ vernetzen book release

Wed 28.11.2018, 19h, Akademie , Neutorgasse 42

'schwärmen + vernetzen' explored transdisciplinary work in art. A collaboration of installation artist Nayarí Castillo, author Gertrude Grossegger, and sound artist Hanns Holger Rutz. Novel connections between text, space and sound.

The book combines work process, exhibition, and guest contributions.

Presentation: reading by Grossegger, concert by (Pirrò & Rutz)

amount of substance (mole) is now based on avocados 🥑

I see a ship in the harbour
I can and shall obey
But if it wasn't for your misfortune
I'd be a heavenly person today

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