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Hey fediverse, how is everybody feelin? It's beer o'clock here in Graz 🍺 πŸ’ƒ

SL2 - DJs Take Control (1991)

Not convinced of Geneva airport. Instead of an overamplified bird sound installation and mineral water at almost 5 EUR, they should have made the space silent and give out water for free.

Interesting talk now on Open Source by Bogdan Vasilescu. For example, commercial involvement with OSS has actually negative effect on long term survival of projects.

Drrrr, they put four interesting talks in parallel today - Metaprogramming in Dotty / Concurrency in Scala Native / Number types in Spire / Scala.js and WebAssembly. Why were they not spread across different sessions? πŸ˜•

Yeah, got one of those fabulous Scala / Joy Division cross over T-shirts made by 47deg πŸ–€

Woopa, to kick off in two hours with Martin Odersky's keynote. I had a flawless trip, everything in πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­ is so clean and organised :)

And expensive, invested 13 EUR in a piece of plastic to adapt my power plug. Oh well... Just hope the weather is going to brighten up, quite some clouds there.

Also 2.13.0 is out, and πŸŽ‰ is already building its entire dependency structure on the new Scala version. Will stay on the safe side (2.12) though for my presentation.

We're very happy with our three day workshop result - protoype Study (NayarΓ­ Castillo, Emma Luke, Hanns Holger Rutz) :heart_cybre:

Our Study in the AAL @ is making progress. One of two headsets mostly finished. One more entire day of work. Eventually we want to "cross the wires" of two people.

Ozric Tentacles - Pungent Effulgent (1989)

I can run that thing in endless loops the entire day. Such a brilliant album.

I'm prepping my kit for an exciting workshop (led by Sissel Marie Tonn and Jonathan Reus) in Bratislava in the runup to the festival on digital art. I'm working with NayarΓ­ on a prototype of an Enantiomorph Study, where two people are cross-wired, exchanging one ear and one eye.

Finally picking up work on a fixed media piece again. The downside with using tools you've written yourself is that maintaining and fixing them easily overshadows the work _with_ them.

Psycho-thriller, staring me, the cat, and a cardboard box filled with important papers.

cat: stares at the cardboard box
me: stares at the cat, telepathically transmitting the message over and over again that this box is a no-go-area
cat: keeps staring at the cardboard box
me: keeps staring at the cat
cat: gives up, takes a place on the couch, pretending this was a decision of her own free will

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