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CALL - Reminder + Extended Deadline - Thresholds of the - @

Taking place in June 2018 in Bergen, NO. Deadline February 23. Details:

The Guardian seems to have a new 'Europe now' section with very interesting articles. Good! Part of the reason I stopped paying too much attention to it was that 90% was USA-UK (and by extension, Australia, former colonies etc.)

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fragment #9 of 108 words (de) Show more

Inserting sound is more complicated than deleting sound.

Inserting words is more complicated than deleting words.

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found this in a high school physics book from 1923 in a used bookstore (i didn't buy it though)

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Nice bell installation by Sarah Angliss and Dan Stowell:

In this latitude and time of the year, you can have a magic moment where the snow covered roofs have a colour indistinguable from the sky. Today it was around 17:30 just before the electrical lights are turned on.

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Two more days to apply for our workshop 'Thresholds of the Algorithmic'! On request, I added a section that explains more thoroughly how the workshop is going to be implemented:

- now playing Carter Tutti Void (Chris & Cosey plus Nikki Colk), `f = ....`.

Discovered that record thanks to @eris

I used up the remaining porcelain today, now I'm a bit sad, I guess I'll order more although it's not cheap.

It stroke me that porcelain (and it probably goes for clay as well) is similar to the human body. I had physiotherapeutic treatment recently and discovered that the body is not 90% water but a large degree of muscle. Working the porcelain is like working the muscles, it becomes easier when it's stimulated, and the force you need to mould is equivalent to the force of your own muscles.

Ich les immer Abzwerger. Muss mit der Gehirngröße dieses Exkrements zusammenhängen.