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for Applications: We're excited to organise another that Matter () workshop in the special program of Academy 2019. Next February, we will work together with sound artist and composer Robin Minard and the selected participants on a site-specific and environment-aware sound installation for the (Museum of Perception) in .


Anyone familiar with controlling multiple RGB LEDs with a Pi, where the total current probably exceeds what the GPIO can do? Any ideas what kind of extra circuits or controllers I need?

I'm happily reunited with my cat. Lucre has developed this strange habit of lying on the bed, a metre away from the fan (althought she's sensitive to sound), I guess temperatures are too high.

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Seen in Bergen at one of our last common lunches: :)

Germany's justice minister is one of the sane members of the gov.

♲ @Matthias Meisner ( Vor ein paar Tagen habe ich den Zaun besichtigt, den Orban an der ungarischen Grenze zur Abwehr von Flüchtlingen hat errichten lassen. Ist es das, was #Seehofer für Deutschland will?

After a week of extraordinary sun, is back to the weather we've been warned of :-O Still having lots of fun, today is last workshop day.

RT Was du wissen solltest, #Deutschland!

via Wolf Wetzel

Someone found this in . Seriously, why would you label your this way if you're not already driving a car with a shitty 88 in the number plate?

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Today was second workshop day of of the , that we () are doing with in Bergen, NO.

The group is fantastic, and so far we heard super exciting presentations by Espen Sommer, Kosmas Giannoutakis, Erin Gee, and Stefano Zorzanello.

BEK has made a teaser for the exhibition at , check it out:

(1) is up and running at Bergen - in the next days I will post some photos of all the other pieces that make up 'Thresholds of the Algorithmic'.

Now busy preparing our workshop that begins tomorrow.

2 1/2 days til the opening of ' of the ' at Bergen. Most participants have arrived and started setting up. Friendly atmosphere, nice city 🏁

(if only Norway wasn't that expensive when you exchange from EUR :-O )

We're prototyping the sound interaction with now (next week Friday it will be shown in ).

Yesterday I was sceptic whether moving my experimentation from IntelliJ into a Mellite, which meant restructuring lots of glue code and introducing many constraints, was good idea. Now that everything indeed runs in Mellite (I have simple view wrapper for Sphere GNG, as shown in screen shot), I am confident it was the right decision. I can now tweak parameters while installation is running.

Austria's right extremist vice chancellor just launched another attempt at destroying foundations of : The right of EU citizens to live and work in any other member state. I live in since 2013, I hold a German passport. My partner has the right live and work here as family member of EU citizen.

The unbearable attacks of crypto fascists on our democracy have to stop. This government has to be elected out of office as fast as possible if we want to live in a healthy society.