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is no longer a country with good freedom of press situation. Down to no. 16 in Europe's ranking. (Not that Germany does great in 13th position)

Picked up work on γ.
A simple mechanical relay sounds quite loud inside a container. (I'm not even sure the "sound holes" are needed).

"Vom Neonazi zum Sportminister - eine typisch österreichische Karriere, würde ich sagen"

The clip of Austrian broadcaster that they auto-censored after the fact.

Internet doesn't forget, though:

v2.34.0 is out. I have been mainly working on Widget and FScape.

There is a workspace now you can download separately (check "Download Options > Show All") providing preliminary versions of FScape 1 modules translated to Mellite.

Space | Material | Detail

excited for this workshop in which collaborates with - European Master Module in Art, Science and Technology and the Institute of Spatial Design of the TU Graz.

Throughout next week at media art lab,

Good night fediverse. Tomorrow with interpolation and composite rules.

val w = 640
val h = 480
val len = 8000
val x = SinOsc(7.2/len).linLin(-1,+1,0,w-1).roundTo(1)
val y = LFSaw (7.5/len).linLin(-1,+1,0,h-1).roundTo(1)
val sig = PenImage(
width = w,
height = h,
src = WhiteNoise(1.0).take(len),
x = x,
y = y,
next = Metro(len),
wrap = 0

"ancient four-legged whale with hooves discovered … Giant 42.6m-year-old fossil was found along coast of Peru and suggests creature could walk on land"


Finishing the widget elements for UI programming in , slowly popowly starting to move modules from classical to the new embedded version. The UI looks more or less the same.

red and green lights refracted through droplets on glass

If you understand German, Traumarsenal is a very intriguing series by Justin Winkler around artistic ways of interpreting dreams (sent in anonymously), with references to Robert Desnos' works of the 1930s.

You can listen to all episodes in the Cultural Broadcasting Archive:

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