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I'm a sound and digital artist, interested in installation and intermedia, improvisation and electronic/electroacoustic music. I develop a bunch of open source software.

I keep only one account, so the toots are a mix of sound/art focused things, random thoughts, and few rants (CW'd, and you don't need to share my opinion). I'm friendly/respectful 🍍 + aim to keep an open mind.

Account is locked (allow time to review), because I don't want bots and nazis to follow me. Thx 🌈

now we are
because it solves something.
the boundary of bridging
runs alongside us and
the objects that we
take in possession. if
I envelop an orb or a
box, it belongs
to me, passes over
into my spacetime,
becomes transparent with me
against those who "stay on".

submissions are closed now. symposium is still accepting submissions via EasyChair until tomorrow Tue Feb 18, 24:00 CET -

"Sorting" resonances by creating a complete graph with edges weights of Pearson correlation coefficients from spectral magnitudes, and applying a TSP algorithm (Lin-Kernighan, simply version without backtracking). Yields an interesting "endless walk".

'An Evening of (and about) Electronic Music'

Wed Feb 05, 18:00h, Colegio dos Jesuitas, Funchal PT.

Pauline MIKO (aka PLUIES)
Hanns Holger RUTZ

Join three artists crossing between the borders of sound, music, installation, performance, and visual art as they discuss their own practice and the state of electronic music in Europe and the world.

Free and open to the public. For more information contact: admin <at>

- what's your experience with processing I/O (disk) intensive stuff?

I'm thinking of getting a USB SSD drive for that, just a bit worried that it may interfere with running a USB audio interface at the same time. Or nothing to worry about? My experience is that having a lot of swapping to the microSD card is very slow (and probably not a good idea anyway, as that's the system drive). Any recommended drives? Should be fast, reliable and cheap, doesn't need to be massively big.

Extended deadline: 16 February 2020 👾

Get ready for the adjoining - Algorithms that Matter Symposium 2020 / 2020, with calls for contributions

- Almat 2020:
- xCoAx 2020:

… it also means you can re-use the same stream multiple times, say on multiple objects in a timeline, or multiple restarts of a proc, and it will keep going where it was left. Or use it concurrently between processes. I think this expressivity was prior only available in SuperCollider patterns.

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Working on adding a `Stream` object to Mellite.

Unlike `Pattern` which is an immutable program yielding a stream in memory, now you can create streams that maintain their state in the workspace. E.g., you can have counters or random walks or more complex programs that always resume where you left them. Think of a `drunk` object in Pd/Max, only that if you open your patcher again, it resumes from its last position. I think it will be a very interesting composition element for installations.

I'm adding a Histogram UGen to FScape; such a simple mechanism, just throw stuff into buckets and count… I will need this to look at the distribution of spectral features of a microphone signal.

Sometimes I wish I had more input on what building blocks other people would need, but I guess that's ok.

The plot shows a 17-bin histogram fed with a sine oscillator, and the histogram being flushed every ten steps.


Lastest Raspbian Buster comes with JDK 11, QJackCtl, SuperCollider 3.10.0 preinstalled; Mellite universal download was running out of the box 🎉

Seems much more powerful than the Pi 3, my bet is the 4 GB RAM are a significant point here with running the JDK app. So far all smooth ✔️

2.42.0 is published now. The main work was on the code editor, fixing bugs and making the keyboard shortcuts work correctly on macOS. Also desktop integration on macOS has been improved, so give the new version a spin especially if working on a Mac. The code editor font is now configurable, too.

This Friday I will be joining the Think Tank / workshop "Hacking into sonic " of the Center for Philosophy of Sciences of the University of

If you are in and interested, download the abstract pdf for info on registration (it's free):

another, one of my favourites; I shot that landscape for the video piece 'Moor' (2016)

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