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for text line contributions:

Send me your notes and thoughts on 'waiting'. What are you waiting for, is that waiting hopeful, or anxious, or incurious?

A hybrid piece with an online Mastodon bot form via @kontakt ; and a physical installation form at Reagenz Graz.

Boosts welcome!

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It's Saturday because at this point in the week you are extremely saturated.

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About this account

I'm a sound and digital artist, interested in installation and intermedia, improvisation and electronic/electroacoustic music. I develop a bunch of open source software.

I keep only one account, so the toots are a mix of sound/art focused things, random thoughts, and few rants (CW'd, and you don't need to share my opinion). I'm friendly/respectful 馃崓 + aim to keep an open mind.

Account is locked (allow time to review), because I don't want bots and nazis to follow me. Thx 馃寛

whiteboard app 

I checked a couple of "white board" apps recently, and while I thought `xournal` was quite nice (and has a package in debian), I ended up using `excalidraw`, despite my hate for web based apps and anything run via node.js. You can clone it and run it locally, so no need to use internet based version.

2022 - 10th International Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics and X - Coimbra (PT). The call is out:

Woopie, going to to festival Bergen this year. Well, "going" - I have to find travel funds, perhaps it will have to be online participation. But in any case nice!

have we ever related the term "feature extraction" to extractivism?

Framasphere (Diaspora) closure 

"Attention : Framasphere ferme le 14 octobre 2021". oops. To be honest, Diaspora* never took off for me. It was never possible to discover and build proper networks, and for dumb reasons a bridge to ActivityPub / Mastadon was never intended by the developers. I guess I'll just let my anyway quite orphaned account die 鈥 Hope some people move over to Masto.

photo collage off phone 

so most use "smart" phones with great cameras. I only make photos with my nokia when no real camera is around (often on travel), and I just noticed I haven't taken them off the phone since 2014 (actually three nokias as they died and were replaced with the same model). so that yields an interesting random of what might have happened in the past years 鈥 (1/7)

3.7.0 is published, and can be installed via the launcher. It contains mainly bug fixes and a number of small improvements. The Node Tree view is finally fixed.

software support forums (poll) 

People are moving away from Gitter, although you can now also log on via Matrix. What's a good support forum for ScalaCollider and Mellite?

(mailing list is dead, so I won't revive it; and please keep accessibility in mind, not just what's fossly "best")

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