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It's Saturday because at this point in the week you are extremely saturated.

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About this account

I'm a sound and digital artist, interested in installation and intermedia, improvisation and electronic/electroacoustic music. I develop a bunch of open source software.

I keep only one account, so the toots are a mix of sound/art focused things, random thoughts, and few rants (CW'd, and you don't need to share my opinion). I'm friendly/respectful 🍍 + aim to keep an open mind.

Account is locked (allow time to review), because I don't want bots and nazis to follow me. Thx 🌈

We're doing a short contribution to the next- project live broadcast today between 16:15 and 16:30 CET - program is already running now, so you can tune in

Frichot, thinkable 

It's Saturday because at this point in the week you are extremely saturated.

Gilles Châtelet, graphic reason (mathematics) 

Glissant, right to opacity (1990) 

blanchot, "literature and the right to death" (1949) 

(vs. St-Exupéry friendship)
"you have my back"

barfuß den Steinen ausweichen
barfooted, evading the stones

I published a new version 2.46.0, with a lot of bug fixes and improvements for FScape.

There is a cool new workspace in the downloads ( ) for an Impulse Response measuring tool ( I want to add a video run through for that soon, but hopefully it's not too difficult to run in any case.

If you go to the sound file below "{hhr 200329}" (right hand) on , that's rendered with one binaural position for each of the eight channels (background ambience file is a stereo recording, not encoded). Best to skip 2 minutes into the file for headphones impression.

v2.45.0 is published. I have been mainly working on the Control/Act languages, as I implement two new installations with them, finding problems and missing bits.

Thinking of making another video or text tutorial soon. Any ideas or topics that I should cover?

Determining regions in rendered sounds based on loudness contour (lots of FScape debugging as a "fun" side activity)

Some advances in developing the sound installation 'Through Segments' with a layer running on a Pi 4.

Definitely slower than on the laptop, but no real issues so far. Few xruns with binaural simulation and no jack params adjusted yet, so I'm fairly optimistic.

Have to run for long time to see if there are any memory leaks or such.

(Master Module in Art Science Technology) has published a series of podcasts with artists and scholars:

Oliver Baurhenn, Manuel Beltran, Jenny Brockmann, Chris Csikszentmihalyi, Dieter Daniels, Marco Donnaruma, Cristina Fiordimela, Maya Indira Ganesh, Kyriaki Goni, Freddy Paul Gruenert, Jekatarina, Janez Leban, Sanja Leban, Pauline Miko, Nahum Romero, Tiara Roxanne, Hanns Holger Rutz, Theresa Schubert, Robertina Sebjanic, Alois Yang

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