How often does one developer know everything needed to solve a customer problem with code?

On that rare occasion, how beneficial is it to the business for nobody else to have been involved?

Here’s video of my webinar with SmartBear:

Toto, I've a feeling we're not not far from Kansas anymore.

We were supposed to be, but today needing a plane from Chicago and a runway in Newark were two too many dependencies. Rescheduled for tomorrow's flight home. Switched Residences Inn. Went for a swim.

Gate agent: “The Chicago-KC flight that left the gate and had to return earlier due to bad weather conditions has left the gate again, so we remain optimistic.”

Me: “Who you calling ‘we’, gate agent?”

Thanks for all the terrific questions during my " Explained" webinar! As soon as video and slides are available I'll share them here.

Been wondering about ? Couldn't make it to the conference in Boston?

One hour from now, from the comfort of wherever you are: "Mob Programming Explained". Who can benefit? Under what conditions? What if you're not a programmer?


Got a challenging situation at work?

Need someone to listen carefully, ask the right questions, and help you clarify your own path forward?

Developer, executive, manager, or coach? I can help.

Book an hour with me:

Excited for Monday? Maybe not?

I joined @mrsungo to talk about Personal Kanban, which I summarized as two rules and one intention. The intention: “See and master your own choices. You make a lot of them every day, and they add up.”

The podcast:

36 hours sous vide at 155F
10 hours in the fridge absorbing rub and liquid smoke
2 hours in the oven at 300F
20 minutes tented

Kenji’s brisket FTW:

I'll be at presenting "Strangle Your Legacy Code" with Markus Silpala! "One of the most effective sessions all conference" in its very first iteration, and this'll be the 10th or so. Don't miss it!


Just posted another video:
Maintaining qmail in 2019 by Amitai Schleier from the March NYC*Bug meeting:

Meeting page:

Excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about pumpkin bread?

I think I've been running NetBSD on Vultr for long enough now to recommend it (few months).

Here's a link for $50 to test out the platform:

Can anyone recommend any other providers that let you boot a custom ISO? The only other one I found with Southeast Asia locations was CloudSigma and I had several issues there.

Wondering about — what for, how, when _not_ to — but can't get to Boston for

Here's a way to start learning about it from wherever you are. Sign up for my "Mob Programming Explained" webinar:

NYC is glorious in springtime. Register for Big Apple Day in May, including "Two Midwesterners Politely Invite You To Explore Coding" with @AgileFaye and me. We genuinely and unpretentiously like you! And are not in any hurry!

A certain 21-month-old’s construction project, shortly before the inevitable.

Emotions contain information. Lean, behavioral econ, and systems thinking are related. Combine them to build better habits.

I relearned and resynthesized rather a lot in last week's Personal Kanban class:

Slides from NYCBUG / qmail

If you missed the qmail presentation from last night's NYCBUG meeting, the slides are available now, and video will be coming soon.  (I'll link to it if I know about it.)

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