When's the last time so many of us needed to share knowledge and experience working in teams in environments we semi-control?

With your involvement, Shape My Work will be THE wiki for our times. Join us: shapemywork.com/meta/join/

My sister is a doctor at an hospital. They need your help, as creatively as you can give it, to obtain PPE.

Do you have some? Do you know local businesses that might? Could you make masks and face shields?


We're all learning how to work , with or without . We're all looking for new tricks and tools that might help.

Come share what you know, find what you need, and help keep it all organized at shapemywork.com — a wiki whose time has finally come.

In place: display, keyboard, trackpad, wireless headset, and technically some sort of internet connection most of the time.

A literal-minded programmer with a wardrobe even more limited than usual reinterprets .

My recent appearance on the Mob Mentality Show has just been remastered to use my locally recorded track. Now I'm quite pleased with the content AND the audio quality.

Give a listen: mobmentalityshow.podbean.com/e

OH: Why is it called a murder of crows?

All the probable cause.

When a shot hits your chest
But you're saved by your vest
That's armore

Would you like to alpha-test Subplot by using it for a real project?

Subplot is mine and Daniel's tool for capturing and automatically verifying acceptance criteria.


*TUESDAY March 3rd*
Dr. Paul Vixie talk:
Operating Systems as Dumb Pipes
2020-03-03 @ 18:45 - 21:00
NYU Tandon Engineering Building (new), 370 Jay St, Room 1013, 10th Floor, Brooklyn


Happy #Valentines day 🚩🧡 BSDers don't forget to gift your favourite BSD. Let's help #NetBSD reach its 2020 fundraising goal. : blog.netbsd.org/tnf/entry/fund

…I turned directly to the camera and admitted:

«Je ne suis pas le vrai chef du subjonctif. Mais il ne faut pas qu’on le SAIT.»


“I’m not the real master of the subjunctive. But it’s not necessary that anyone KNOWS.”

Our teacher fell out, laughing through tears.

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In high school French, we got a raised eyebrow and extra credit every time we correctly used the subjunctive mood.

(A few of us rephrased nearly everything we said, to game this.)

For a group skit, I played «le chef du subjonctif». Seemed like a good guy. But in a key moment…

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