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Could your NY-area company gain more from developing software? I have some Q1 and Q2 availability.

My consulting, , and training look like this: latentagility.com/services

People say this: latentagility.com

RFC 3207 says an SMTP server must reset all state after STARTTLS. One way to be very sure — architecture permitting — would be to kill and restart the server.

This was quite easy to implement in the latest acceptutils: marc.info/?l=qmail&m=154308059

The bug in my SMTP proxy is being triggered by emails from my mom. How did I not manage to expect this?

For me, is about three things:

1. Play
2. Gratitude
3. Community

More on this and other reflections from co-facilitating in New York: schmonz.com/2018/11/18/brookly

This Saturday is Global Day of 2018! I'll be doing from Brooklyn. See you there? schmonz.com/talk/2018-gdcr

Today's update to my SMTP AUTH implementation for now also provides TLS for message submission and incoming deliveries, without patching! More: marc.info/?l=qmail&m=154171120

As always, if you use , just get the latest qmail and qmail-run. :-)

I mostly avoid gigs that require travel. But if the amount of travel is very small, and the friends I’m gigging with are very good... gotta head to bed. Early flight.

Thanks, fellow NYers, for coming to tonight's Workshop!

Slides, references, and a sweet deal on the agilein3minut.es book: schmonz.com/2018/10/25/nyc-mob

I'm an indie tech coach. Can I be of service? latentagility.com

I've shipped my SMTP AUTH implementation for . It's designed to avoid patch conflicts, add new user-controlled features, and perhaps offer desirable
security properties. More: marc.info/?l=qmail&m=154048252

If you use , just update to the latest qmail and qmail-run. :-)

Getting to be bedtime here. Please, have my favorite pianist’s left-hand-only arrangement of Tchaikovsky’s Lullaby, Op. 16 No. 1. youtu.be/v37vL_xnCmQ

After saying something like “light” and having it turned on.

New York people! Two weeks from today, a very special joint meetup of School and NYC /#Kanban:

" for Non-Programmers"

As seen on my recent European !

Take this chance. Come play. Details: schmonz.com/talk/2018-nyc-octo

Sometime overnight, agilein3minut.es had its 50,000th download. I started it with various goals, wishes, and imaginings, many of which have come to pass, but none of which involved a number anywhere close to this wide.

LOL if your package manager can't:

- Install from binaries
- Build from source
- Hide undeclared dependencies from builds
- Use another compiler
- Intercept all calls to cc, ld, libtool, etc. (netbsd.org/gallery/presentatio)
- Run as root or non-root
- Run on a different OS
- Provide quarterly stable releases
- Offer nearly 20,000 packages

Your periodic reminder that

- You depend, every day, in dev and in prod, on software that behaves differently from version to version
- Homebrew doesn’t work on Linux, apt-get doesn’t work on Mac, not all computers are x86
- Your time is valuable
- exists

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