T: “Wanna see the old house, where Haskell lives.”

Me: “He’s not alive anymore, so even if we go there we won’t see him. Do you miss Haskell?”

T: “Yeah. Take the old car?”

Me: “The old car isn’t alive anymore either. Sorry, buddy.”

NYC , come play with code and and a week from tomorrow — free! — at Global Day of Code Retreat . To register: schmonz.com/talk/2019-gdcr/

Got boring dinner guests? Turn your attention to this somewhat entertaining cheese.

Heard a train approaching. Found himself a comfortable seat.

Productivity hack: when you're not feeling well, but not ill enough to take time off, and can't face tacking big, urgent tasks on your task list, tackle the shortest tasks first.

They're typically easy to do, and will give you enough biochemical feelgoodness that it may spur you to tackle other things.

Recently wrapped up a programming gig, so it’s time to swing back from “doing it” to “helping others do it” (and flying regularly) for a while. Also time to be seeing my friends in southeast Michigan!

For my peeps, it’s been a quiet couple months. But I’ve gotten more done than I realized, and am about to get back in a rhythm. Supporting my efforts is an investment in the open-source commons — thank you! patreon.com/posts/31034386

not going the way you want? You're in luck!

Wait, *what*?

That's right — because Gene Gendel and I are holding joint office hours tomorrow(!), Saturday Oct 19, 9am US/Eastern, zoom.us/j/925404330?pwd=SjFtZk

Bring your tricky questions and we'll help you figure out your next step.

"When I start, the problem or domain is not dear to me. But I'm a human person, I'm social, I'm a member of the ape family. Once I see why you care about something, I'll begin to care about it too." schmonz.com/talk/20191018-acci

SCENE: Getting kid ready for bed.

"Here's your Paw Patrol shirt," I say.

"Paw Pashirt," he says.

He looks off into the distance.

"That's a funny word," he continues.

My work here is done, folks.

For my peeps in/near who care about and and , what happens when your org needs more than one team? Maybe lots more than that?

I'm always looking for ideas, so I'll be participating in Gene Gendel's class this Saturday. Join me: less.works/course-details/less

"It was never any sort of coherent plan, but it seems to be coming together anyway." schmonz.com/2019/10/11/now/

Degenerate cases of this meetup include:

1) It's just me, and I get to start my day with some outstanding third-wave coffee

2) It's just me and you, and you get some free consulting

[Share widely, please!]

Based in southern NY or northern NJ? There's a new Meetup in town: Rockland Extreme-Agile-Lean.

Join me in a couple weeks for our first , then head to work with a new idea ready to try: meetup.com/Rockland-Extreme-Ag

Someone running notqmail on NetBSD/evbarm64 took the time to write: "I wanted to express my gratitude to schmonz for his remarkable work in patching, modernizing and cleaning up qmail, with particular regard for his acceptutils/rejectutils… very straightforward."

Day made :-)

Curious what I'm up to, open-source-wise? Here are my latest commits (not counting branches) to , , and : schmonz.com/commits

Curious at a much higher level of abstraction? Sign up for my mailing list: schmonz.com/2016/02/22/my-new-

notqmail 1.07 shipped two weeks ago. We immediately got to work on what will become 1.08.

Already merged: github.com/notqmail/notqmail/w

Coming soon: github.com/notqmail/notqmail/w

Announcing notqmail

The notqmail project has announced its
existence and shipped
an initial release. It's a new fork of the venerable qmail mail
transport system. "Our first release is informed, conservative, and
careful — but bold. It reflects our brand-new team...


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