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Amitai Schleier

Yesterday Taavi said “Dad” for the first time, which was pretty cool because I was holding him while he said it across the room to his mom.

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Big news: it's my birthday, and I've gone indie! Available to consult, coach, and train, centered on your code in your team space. Primarily NY metro area. More info:

Fractal frost on front porch. Producing podcast episode from easy chair. Fruity Salvadoran coffee in hand, dog at feet. Next: send invoice. Good to be home.

Current status:

- Second week back at work is almost over

- Been coming "home" every night to a child who has apparently learned to imitate an old man running for office

- Almost but not quite ready for us to go home

In the Washington, D.C. area? Join me next week at the DC meetup and participate in my " for Everyone" exercise! Details:

Just played a German game called “Activity.” It was named accurately insofar as by playing it we were engaged in activity. It was named inaccurately insofar as it included more than one type of activity.

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Help me find a summer internship in Cleveland, NYC, or Chicago for a sophomore in Computer Science at CWRU?

It’s for the daughter of one of the best teachers I ever had. So it would be especially satisfying to contribute to her learning in some small way.

We sang "The Star-Spangled Banner" (with harmony!) to Taavi, bib on, awaiting his first taste of mixed apple-banana. On "braaaave", as if on cue, he joined in with his loudest shriek. He got what he wanted, but not until we eventually stopped laughing.

I believe “after” is better, and these before-and-after diagrams are intended to help you agree. Are they succeeding? What might help more?

Thanks to this very thoughtful Christmukkah gift from my in-laws, Taavi just heard my favorite Medtner sonata for the first time.

You can hear me playing it in recital here:

Merry Christmukkah!

This afternoon, I put Taavi down for a change. He said “dada.” I said “dada?” He laughed.

This evening, Taavi started making long sequences of ba-ga-da sounds. And crawled one body length, then turned around and crawled back.

We are in good trouble.

Taavi needed help to nap. Playing Brahms Op. 10 No. 4 calmed him, but that’s it. That’s my son. I can’t fall asleep to great music either.