"Two Midwesterners Politely Invite You To Explore Coding" with Faye Thompson and moi-self returns — now as a half-day workshop.

Register your developer-adjacent/curious colleagues for CodePaLOUsa and point them our way. schmonz.com/talk/2021-codepalo

Mompou’s music didn’t force a reckoning in my life the way Medtner’s did, but I want my own music to have some of what it has: almost familiar, almost too simple, just evocative enough to evoke what’s within you, and tiny twists of color that reverberate. youtube.com/watch?v=_n3HBevfhZ

Here's the recording of Helen Scott for with "Writing Code is Easy, Being a Great Developer Is Hard": youtu.be/olydqoInjxU

All the code needed to take the picture from last week has now been committed... And in addition, thanks to a dwipcie(4) patch by Mickael Torres radeondrm(4) works and glxgears(1) spin!
#OpenBSD #riscv64 #xenocara

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A very special second June meetup of the Jersey City JUG is next week! Our presenter will be Helen Scott.

To be a developer, you need to write code. To be a great developer, you need additional skills that are rarely taught via traditional routes.


Listener feedback includes "My heart contains more praise than I know how to put into words."

If you like my talk half as well, you'll like Agile in 3 Minutes. Book coupon: leanpub.com/agilein3minutes/c/

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I presented yesterday for .

"Inside-Out TDDDD" is about technical practices, sort of — in the sense that we can use them to improve our emotional states, working relationships, and business results.


"In something we might by extension want to call 'Inside-Out TDD-Driven Development', we incrementally redesign ourselves, our interactions, and our systems of work, starting in the small and expanding outward."

Me. Free. June 17 (tomorrow!?). Register: schmonz.com/talk/2021-legacyof

Obligatory? Yes. Concomitant impending palpable relief? Also yes.

June in Jersey City Java User Group: it's Julie Lerman with an intro to geared toward "experienced developers, product owners and others involved in the software development process." Hey, that's me.

This one will NOT have video posted afterward. Don't miss it!


Out the kitchen window, after the 47th spring shower of the last few days.

ABI, n.:

1. Application Binary Interface
2. Acoustic Brahms Input
3. Always Be Invoicing

Today in : just like last week, someone brought an offering prepared on their own time. Joel showed another way we could get under test, using the preprocessor. Next step: shrink to the minimal diff. Tiny, I’ll bet. Then, tests!

Join us: pubmob.com/offerings/amitaisch

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