This service that appears to mail customers "plant-based", ready-to-bake nuggets "operates like a software company" in that they have a "release notes" page

"Access Denied: Faulty Automated Background Checks Freeze Out Renters"

New investigation from The Markup and the New York Times on automated tenant screenings

"Free as in Smash the Surveillance State: Alison Macrina on Library Freedom Project and Tor Browser"

> To me, privacy is the Trojan horse. Then when I get in the building, I'm like, “Alright, let's actually talk about capitalism.” Privacy is important, but what we're really talking about is the newest frontier of exploitation by capital.

context: Today Freedom of the Press Foundation says Signal "is _signalling_ that they’re moving beyond phone numbers."

'Beyond Signal phone numbers'

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I don't really understand Signal's new PIN feature. Is it primarily a defense against SIM-jacking/lost phone?

one of the most consistent things about me over the years has been that I've always been a sucker for upbeat songs with horns

Freedom of Press Foundation is doing a series on the privacy aspects of various popular video conferencing services.


Jitsi Meet:

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huh, this seems bad

"macOS 10.15: Slow by Design"

> Apple has introduced notarization, setting aside the inconvenience this brings to us developers, it also results in a degraded user experience, as the first time a user runs a new executable, Apple delays execution while waiting for a reply from their server. This check for me takes close to a second.

huh, looks like Zoom just put up an "End-to-End Encryption Whitepaper" on Github

idk who needs to hear this but today's as good a day as any to start using a password manager

My friend interviewed 7 women who have dealt with extreme isolation before the pandemic, asking for their tips (hint: routines and coffee)

Deleting a previous toot about MacOS cuz it was poorly written. Sorry

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