This service that appears to mail customers "plant-based", ready-to-bake nuggets "operates like a software company" in that they have a "release notes" page

Dare mighty things

Engineers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory developed a ventilator tailored for coronavirus patients in 37 days

wow, 'Portrait of a Lady on Fire' is so beautiful and heartbreaking. A+ (it's on Hulu now)

Gonna think about these release notes every time I look at the Signal app icon

just did some tweaking to my "Want to Read" list. Here's the current top 10

"These images are haunted and haunting, like stills from movies about plagues and the apocalypse, but in some ways they are hopeful.

"They also remind us that beauty requires human interaction… Beauty entails something else. It is something we bestow.

"It will be the moment we return."

covid-19 / social distancing analysis 

Apparently System76 is working on a keyboard next. Interesting choice!

Not a lot of details here, but some photos of what may be a prototype?

Logic Magazine, a thoughtful tech publication that I've enjoyed in the past, is accepting submissions for their next issue on the theme of Care

Their website:


TIL about Libre Franklin (Bold), a nice headline font[1], thanks to @david [2]

What's your favorite font for webpage headlines and sub-headlines?

(1) Google Font page

(2) thanks to this post specifically

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