it might not be perfect, but I wrote this Rust! (with a little help from Clippy)

Kind of funny that one of the Pop_OS GIFs has a Michael Redmond go review video in it

Cwtch, a decentralized, privacy-preserving, multi-party messaging protocol that can be used to build metadata resistant applications,...

has released Beta v1.2, including a MacOS version and some solid bug fixes.



FYI Cwtch is a Welsh word roughly translating to “a hug that creates a safe place”. It's apparently pronounced like "kutch", to rhyme with "butch".

bit of a long shot here, but I'm trying to play a game on Linux (Kubuntu 20.04) through Steam. I think this game Proton. I enabled beta stuff in Steam and restarted computer. My Oryx Pro has an Nvidia graphics card, and I think it's being used.

Attached is a screenshot of the error I get from Steam when I try to launch the game.


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