whoa, TIL about a concept called "monetized anti-librarianism"?!

(see alt text for readable version of screenshot)

@schlink But is that by design, or through simply taking libraries and archiving and record conservation for granted? The post doesn’t make it clear. It might honestly just not be known.

Everyone’s excited about the organization potential of a digital publishing platform until they realize how much work, money, and personnel it will take.

@schlink and then if you zoom out from sites that are deliberately unsearchable, the search engines themselves work against users' interests as well.

@schlink Yeah! Fedi is also pretty anti-librarianistic in practice.

@Sandra I think you’re right. Although I honestly think of that as a privacy feature? I’ll have to think about it some more. Welcome more thoughts!

@schlink Some peeps on Fedi also auto-delete posts (as is their right). I don't and I'm often frustrated with how hard it is to find older posts and convos.
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