@schlink Would be so cool if Mastodon rode this Bitcoin wave as part of a decentralized web upgrade.

@schlink "Rochko added “If you want my personal opinion on Trump, I cannot stand the guy.”"

@schlink that sounds like good news, assuming eventually they'll contribute code back.

@schlink hihihi, naming it "Truth social" is such a lie ! It will not prosper very long, maybe even don't begin ! 😂😂😂

@schlink for a second i thought the subject was new facebook social network! 🤣

i really doubt trump will follow agpl license requirements properly... this should bring on a very interesting legal fight.

@schlink the people who own the Mastodon code base should sue for compliance. This type of problem is common with politicians.

@schlink I imagine that the SFC and FSF are chomping at the bit to get on this. @mgrondin

@schlink or else what? Trump is effectively above the law. the guy instigated a coup attempt and faced no consequences. he committed countless crimes while US president, for which he's faced no consequences. he's really going to comply with a software license? he'll drag it out in court forever and starve every organization involved to death

@walruslifestyle @schlink hmm, yes, he placed people that are loyal to him in the courts.

@gorgon@mastodon.social you were almost on Rachel Madow

@schlink the Mastodon logo isn't on any error pages I generated when I went there a while ago. Most likely still a work in progress but they should be compliant from the start. They may be worried about hacking and trying to obscure. Not sure. I'll play around there a bit more as I have time.

@schlink they referenced my screencap, but someone else posted it. Lol!

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