Which command-line tool convention is best? Kind of assuming B, for pipe-ability? If B, how do I feet a Rust CLI to do that?


oh dang, one of my Rust CLIs just works with `fgift input_file.csv > output.txt`.



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OK here's where I'm at:

I want my Rust CLI to accept input from stdin (a pipe?) OR the traditional way (`foo -abc input.txt`)

But I also use StructOpt[1]... which might be too strict for this kind of thing?

(1) github.com/TeXitoi/structopt

here's how I adapted another one of my Rust CLIs to print to standard output (just println!)


Think it's a decent solution? Need to test it a bit more though.

@schlink the ">" is the output redirection operator of the shell, so it will work with anything written to the standard output (file descriptor 0).

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