Anyone have recommendations for writing Python in Neovim? Plug-ins, etc. Is Python-mode the go-to plug-in? Is PEp8 good to use?

@schlink I had trouble with python-mode a while back and now I just use jedi-vim with deoplete for completion. The auto-pairs plugin is also helpful.

I prefer to run a linter/checker like pep8 manually, rather than have it nag me all the time. PyFlakes is considered more modern than pep8 and has a plugin for nvim/vim called flake8. There's one for pylint too. You might want both as they catch different issues.

This guide has a bit too many bells and whistles for me but there are a lot of useful suggestions:

@schlink Been using SpaceVim for a while with YouCompleteMe, flake8, mypy (most important), isort and black. flake8 can be a bit annoying, though.

@schlink I've heard using pyright with Neovim can be a pleasant experience.

@tristan957 @schlink I go out of my way to avoid using anything that requires Node, but I still use Pyright because it's so much better than everything else. I'm using it with Emacs, Elpy, and lsp-mode, though, not NeoVim. It's great to have type-guided completion, navigation, typechecking, and linting all in realtime. These days I wouldn't consider anything but LSP for IDE-type stuff.

@schlink coc.nvim is probably a good tool to use if you want to integrate LSP features

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