I may have asked this before, but what are your favorite software/tips for writing fiction on Linux computers?

So far I've got a list of markdown editors that run on Linux:

πŸ“ novelWriter
πŸ“ Typora
πŸ“ Ghostwriter

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Suggestions for fonts that you enjoying writing not-code words with are welcome too!

@schlink I don't write much fiction, but I do write a lot of inter-related notes with some long-form documents as anchor points.

I use org-roam for that (which is an #emacs package). It might work.

@takeonrules @schlink
yep, I agree emacs orgmode could be very nice for that.
In the same document, you can write, take unexported notes, add todo's and make a knowledge base with org-roam.

Then you can directly export beautiful pdf (through LaTeX) or html or epub...

@art ah, I have that in my vimrc but kind of forgot about it

@schlink I've been trying out Manuskript as a writing software:

As for fonts, I do most of my writing in Inconsolata.

@noelle it’s so interesting to see how these are organized. The way it handles characters, word count-as-goals, plots, POV, etc.

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