heads-up to non-paying LastPass customers:

"LastPass Free Accounts Will Now Work on Either Your Phone or Computer, Not Both"

If you don't want to pay, maybe consider switching to BitWarden?

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here's a pretty considered birdsite thread from the EIC of Motherboard (Vice's tech site):

> I generally believe if something is good you should simply pay for it, but LastPass has changed its business model and pricing so much that I think I am just going to switch to a company that is clear about its model and why it charges what it does... This is a product design and user experience designed for no one, and suggests LastPass has no idea what it's doing

"How to leave LastPass and move to another password manager"

Though imho this article should link to KeePassXC ( rather than KeePass

@schlink @anna

funnily enough I just got on here to mention I’m currently evaluating a switch to #bitwarden.

I can only assume there will be a lot of that in the coming weeks.

@schlink well that sounds perfectly useless. My keepass in Dropbox can only sync three devices, but that's still a step up

@schlink Two guides I have written to tackle this problem that could potentially help you:

I was using Keepass2Android but started using KeepassDX because of @piggo ‘s recommendation. The setup partly described in the guides works really well for me.

@schlink Oof, glad I switched to Bitwarden. I was getting sketchy vibes every time I used Lastpass.

@schlink every couple of months i consider running my own BitWarden but the task of actually taking care of my passwords seems… daunting.

aaaaand it probably costs me a little more to run my own thing than to pay LastPass

(which i used to do… when i had a regular income and needed to share passwords)

@schlink KeePass is nowhere near an alternative to LastPass. I've tried, moved to BitWarden instead

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