> BookWyrm is a social network for reading, reviewing, and talking about books. BookWyrm is ad-free, anti-corporate, open-source, and federated.

h/t @darius @darius

oh dang, should mention that the admin and developer is @tripofmice

@schlink @darius @darius ooh, gotta remember this one! would have use for it if/when i ever get around to self-hosting things again 👀

@schlink @darius @darius not just federated but compatible with ActivityPub/fediverse/mastodon

@schlink @darius @darius Looks interesting, even if it's not open at the moment. I'd certainly like to get away from GoodReads, that's for sure.

@Vextaur @schlink all you need to do is email or message the admin. It's just "open with a quick verification"

@dheadshot @schlink The developer is actively working on it and deploying new code all the time so it will be down while nginx (presumably) reloads from time to time as new code is deployed.

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