@schlink I have one! I like it a lot; it doesn't have all the features of a Kindle, but the Overdrive integration is invaluable.

@schlink I have the Kobo Forma. The hardware feels good in the hand and the software is fine. Overall I enjoy it and would recommend it.

@schlink I have the Kobo Aura One with their smart cover. I really like it. The size and weight are good and the screen and backlighting are great. I use Calibre to manage the books on it and it works great - calibre-ebook.com/

@dbart @schlink
I have an Aura One with smart cover as well. Awesome device. Nice big clear screen, long battery life, can borrow books from the library right on the device, full ePub support.

@schlink @alcinnz I have a kobo aura one. Great device, made even better with koreader if you like conformant hyphenation.

@schlink I absolutely LOVE my Kobo Libra H20 for general prose. But I do wish I'd gotten a bigger screen so that I could enjoy better formatting for reading programming examples.

@schlink long time Aura HD user. love it. Kobo had quite consistent software updates with good improvements, which is neat. I love that I can load other programs on it too, like Plato reader which is better for some PDFs.

@schlink I have a Kobo Clara. I use Calibre Web to manage epubs and I like that you can just change a line in your configuration and it immediately starts syncing from your server instead of Kobo's server.

@Sam Schlinkert I am on my second, a cheap Kobo Aura, purchased cheaply while in the US through Walmart. I have no complaints. On my previous model I installed 3rd party software that considerably improved the experience (https://github.com/koreader/koreader/wiki/Installation-on-Kobo-devices). I haven't felt a need to do that so far with the present one. I try not to add books with DRM, however. And for the DRM books I did have, I used a Calibre plugin to remove it.

@schlink mines great, I can just drop pdfs onto it from my computer and it works great!

@DJNeko do you use Plato for reading PDFs? Or just the stock Kobo software?

@schlink I didn't know there was additional software I could use, definitely going to look into that once I find my reader :)

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