The Markup built a tool for searching a given URL for ad trackers and third-party cookies

( is clean!)

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What do y'all think about using netlify for hosting my little personal blog?

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Runnaroo, a search engine that claims to respect user privacy, has now added a "Privacy Check" link under all its search results that points users to the Blacklight tool

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though a heads-up on Runnaroo, from their privacy policy:

> We may also add an affiliate code to some results returned that result in small commissions being paid back to Runnaroo if you visit or make purchases at those sites (listed below).

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@schlink Hi random stranger, if you move your blog to GitHub I recommend you or as an alternative to Disqus

@schlink I use it for but have nothing especially positive to say about it. It does not just werk, it has had issues on several occasions

@schlink That seems a bit like out of the frying pan, into the fire. Then again I get a bit twitchy about any big corporate involvement lately.

I've always just used a small VPS. I started off with the classic PHP header/footer, but have moved to static site generation.

Whatever hosting you go with, please make sure that is enabled. I'm still seeing way too many websites come up legacy-only. It's not something you should have to worry about, but the hosting providers aren't stepping up.

@schlink I've had good luck with Netlify. At least it doesn't inject crap into my code.

@schlink I have been very impressed with Vercel. I have found the support to be top notch. Vercel has made really good open source tools and libraries like Next.js and SWR. The only unfortunate part is that you have to use GitHub, et al for deployment whereas I would love to use SourceHut. I just mirror my personal site repo to GitHub and it just works. I am not aware of any downtime on my site since I started using it.

@sir cc if you looking for Netlify alts 🤷‍♂️

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