ok here's a fun one for you all.

You have to write a pretty simple, small program (as in, could be a CLI) that you, personally, will have to run once a year for decades. It does not have to remind you to run it -- it's a given you'll remember to run it. Also, it is _NOT_ a life or death situation... more like a yearly errand.

How do you write it? How do you store it? What language?


the inspiration for this question is that my extended family has come to rely on me to create a randomized Christmas gift-giving list for them each year.

I first wrote in JavaScript, but a few years ago re-wrote it in Rust github.com/sts10/fgift

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@schlink if it's simple enough and I wanted to make sure it's going to run for years, probably bash. If it's not that simple, probably Python 3. Or Clojure/Java. Maybe C without dependencies so I can compile it everywhere.

@estebanm yeah, hadn't thought about BASH as an option, partially because I'm not very strong in it.

Python 3 is an interesting suggestion! I've struggled with setting up/maintaining a working Python environment in the past, which feels like a downside in this case to me. I kind of liked Rust in part because it's pretty easy to set up a compiling environment on a fresh machine.

@schlink Oh, yeah, definitely Python3 without dependencies. Or maybe with dependencies copied in the same directory to not depend on any special tool.

But on second thought, maybe I would use JavaScript, *but* from the browser, not Node or whatever.

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