"Today we have released the long awaited KeePassXC 2.6.0. This release is the culmination of a year’s worth of effort from across our development team and dedicated contributors."

Get it here:

Looks like the KeePassXC team (of which I'm not a part) also published some fresh documentation!

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@schlink Nice, thank you! :) Is Nitrokey also in the roadmap?

Just briefly tested switching from PasswordSafe to KeepassXC.
As migrating is only possible with saving my existing database in as unencrypted CSV, that experiment was canceled very fast.
Original Keepass seems to import all kinds of other formats. KeepassXC only its own or unencrypted ones.

@Chaos_99 Doesn't KeepassXC import from Keepass? Then you could import via this indirection.

@blipp Such a work-around is a solution only for tech-people. Preferable KeePassXC would do the job directly, enabling less tech-afine people to migrate without needing help. This is what "usability" is about. @Chaos_99

@kirschwipfel You are right that it would be better.

I was assuming, given @Chaos_99 mentioned Keepass, that they were familiar with this software and its import functionality, and so maybe the workaround I presented would be of technical interest.

> so maybe the workaround I presented would be of technical interest.

Of course it is!


@schlink I especially like the inclusion of the fact that you now can add a new entry, while having selected another entry. I was always so annoyed that I had to click elsewhere to have the option of adding a new entry in the menu. Nice that they added this.

"Have I Been Pwned password checks"
I love #KeePassXC but they have moved far away from the rather slim code base of #KeePassX. I'd rather like my password manager to stay offline at all times.

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