woo boy here's a take for your Monday, fedi

"Coders Should Be Activists"

> Open-source developers could push for climate action or humanitarian causes, but instead, their code has remained a reliable bet for even the most egregious of corporations to use freely

an interesting addition to the notion that "coders should be activists"[1]:

> At present, Palantir has 188 repositories hosted on GitHub, which rely on thousands of open source projects. Every dependency in use by ICE and Palantir contributes to human rights violations. Each dependency is a stone in the wall between reality and the dream of open source as a champion of freedom, liberty and equality.
(made by @CoralineAda and others)


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@kyzh yeah, I guess I'm curious about practical issues.

Like, I've seen a few new software license (e.g. the Hippocratic License[1]) that aim to add an ethics component on top of more standard open-source licenses. But I usually see them get a lot of pushback when it comes to specifics (unfortunately don't have any good examples of that on hand right now).


@schlink we have seen a lot of people very unhappy of the choice of CNPL for parastat.
And the more digestible

It is really interesting to see the dynamic where Free Software people are not agressive but not far off and Open Source people are "this is not open source, don't call it open source".

@schlink Oh damn wtf? Though I see the idea, I am going to go high on that one and stand my position that it is entirely unethical to do such thing in my opinion?

@furkachi @schlink I'll be surgical and extract the message that software developers are in an influential position and can cause change :-D

@furkachi @schlink a friend of a friend is on a software board and has said "if we don't make a meaningful effort to fix disparity X, I'm leaving"

@schlink I agree with white quark. Whether software is open or closed source, people can either use it for good or evil. It is not the responsibility of the author to try to control exactly how the software is used. #freeasinfreedom

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