okkk off to a bumpy-but-successful start to 2019

I didn't livestream or record myself doing Day 1 (and I'm glad I didn't, due to a number of mistakes!), but if y'all like that I might do a few going forward?

btw, if you're also doing in this year, I put 3 useful general helper functions in the lib of my project that you might also find helpful!

if you have other general helper function, or see ways to improve mine, please feel free to make a PR!

@schlink Oh, right, forgot, better go do mine now.

I might pop by a few streams if you do it. I've thought of streaming myself but can't figure out a proper setup.

@schlink You're ahead of me.. I have to find some time this evening to get started. 😉

@schlink Last year I started work on a small Rust library providing Advent of Code utilities. Nothing too useful in there, as I didn't make it very far in AoC.

@schlink I'm also doing it in rust :D I am still learning though but I am doing my best!

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