There's a new official blog!

"Welcome to the inaugural post of the Inside Rust blog! This is a new blog where the various Rust teams and working groups can post updates about new developments. It's a great place to watch if you're interested in following along with Rust development"

Here's the landing page for that new official blog, which focuses on new developments in the language:

Already a couple of posts up.

"Keeping Rust projects secure with cargo-audit 0.9: dependency trees, core advisories, unmaintained crates"

The new version of the cargo-audit crate[1], 0.9, shows the inverse dependency tree in a nice format for my project[2].

It's a pretty deep tree! Not sure how to go about fixing this... I believe I'm using the latest version of the reqwest crate



@schlink Slightly disappointed it's not called

'Rust never sleeps !'


> Not sure how to go about fixing this…

Am I misreading the screenshot you posted? It looks like it says you can fix it by upgrading `smallvec` to a version >= 0.6.10

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