OnionShare 2.2, which is coming soon, has a wild new feature:

"Website mode, which allows publishing a static HTML website as an onion service"

Also, they need translation help:

what are some use-cases for quickly hosting a static website as an onion service that you can think of?

It's hard to think of a quicker way to share a group of files than http. If an onion service was as easy to spin up as it is to shell into a server and copy files, I'd use it even though I have access to a webserver

@schlink When it’s important that network eavesdroppers not know that you are accessing that particular site. For example, if you pull your system updates from a hidden service (see ) it makes it much harder for someone to notice that you are downloading the fix for some exploit, and therefore they should hurry up and hit you with it before they lose their window.

@schlink (anonymously, as a bonus) sharing video files from your computer to a cytube channel.

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