"This is an experiment to see what amount of delay is too annoying for a user interaction like typing."

Think I can tolerate 50 ms? 200 is... difficult

@schlink Heh. Set it to 700 to see what I used to deal with using ssh over a satellite connection. I don't think I'm the target user for that website. ;)

@trwnh oh bummer; saw some tweets from the author about the difficulty in making it work for all platforms[1], but I kind of assumed she had worked it out


@schlink variable latency mode feels like using gmail

@schlink i feel STRONGLY about my ability to bear 200ms being borne of Character-Building Shitty Hardware I have endured in the past

@schlink Huh - I think it doesn't run very well on my computer/browser, because I noticed an uncomfortable delay from the start that didn't seem to get any worse for delay settings between 5 ms and 50 ms.

Also, I've definitely experienced worse than the 200 ms delay setting live with real systems.

@schlink this is great, it feels like I'm really using masto-fe on my netbook

(when I set it to 2500+)

@schlink 200ms just feels like using Unix "talk" while on a college network in the 90s.

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