some days I feel like this guy's got it figured out:

"A French man who has spent more than four months floating across the Atlantic Ocean in a giant orange barrel has arrived at his Caribbean destination."

@schlink One of the members of my model train club said that if he were able to live life over again, he would ride a motorcycle around the country and do odd jobs.

No house, no boat, no family. 😋

@kai Yeah, sure. Just come with me. :)

And I would add a satellite phone and a solar panel. And earn money for interviews on the phone, to pay for everything. :)

@DC7IA I think I'd want a kindle as well, which could be charged with the solar panel

@kai Yes, kindle, satellite phone and (amateur) radio with me, for communication with people and maybe emergencies and to talk to passing ships if needed.

@DC7IA that sounds good.

My fear for Jean-Jacques Savin is that he would have fallen ill, been too weak to fish, and starved. An article said he had a distress beacon, but who knows how long a rescue could take.

An article said he had a manually powered water maker.

@kai There are some simple emergency systems. Usually help arrives very quick, as the closest vessel is obliged to help.

@DC7IA but the middle of the ocean, in a barrel 😅 I wouldn't be too confident

@DC7IA the map makes them look close together but they are not!

@kai Close enough. In case of an emergency they would just come closer. Also, some have helicopters or speedboats.

@DC7IA maybe if you're overly optimistic and I'm overly cautious we would make a good team 😋

@kai I've just nominated him for a TED talk.

@DC7IA haha, you love TED talks 😋 is there a local TEDx you can attend?

@kai Yeah, the day I go back to Germany... And the closest to home there is TEDx Kassel. And Invite-Only. :/

@DC7IA try to get an invite! I'm sure they want people to come.

@kai I subscribed to their newsletter, maybe I will get information there.

@kai A power bank could work for a kindle also in case the solar panel dies. I can use my kindle for a month without recharging. So a small powerbank should be enough for months. :D

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