any of y'all on Scuttlebutt? ( What's it like? From the intro video, it seems both fascinating and real complicated for users...


It's still in its early days, it's quite tricky to get working but the actual people online seem friendly.

Main barrier is having to get an invitation from a "pub" (which is a sort of server-like automated friend) as some of the pubs on the official list don't work as expected.

@manyver_se is working on making it easier and simpler for ordinary non-tech users, hopefully that will be a good "onboarding" app once it leaves beta and appears on many platforms.

@switchingsocial @schlink @manyver_se One of my personal goals is to add different types of servers besides Pubs. Too often people think Pubs are a central concept in SSB and in my opinion they need not be.

@staltz That's totally the missing link in SSb Infrastructure. Direct connections between friends over the Internet(in M5 as DHT), and cross-pub syncing either directly or "through" a common user. (Matrix/Synapse does the latter.)

Is there a way of exchanging data, if the participants would have fixed ip addresses? If no pub is available, could i set up my client in a vm and be reached by others like a pub?
@switchingsocial @schlink @manyver_se

@herrdoering Yes there is. In fact the only difference between normal nodes and pubs is that pubs have *pub*lic IP addresses. So once your node has a public IP, it's essentially like a pub.

@staltz is for shure there. :-p
have also seen a couple of other people being there. can't remember who.

I've been using it using Patchwork client for about a year. Not complicated, just the usual post, like, tag, reply and follow friends or channels kind of thing - but you can use it offline and it syncs when there's net available. You need to connect to a pub first to get connected into the network, there's a list here:

@schlink A serverless architecture takes some getting used to. The architecture makes user discovery more challenging than it is on other platforms, and that makes it more difficult for communities to coalesce if they don’t already exist.

If I have a criticism it’s that a large proportion of the conversation on Scuttlebutt is conversation about Scuttlebutt.

@jasongreen @schlink

> If I have a criticism it’s that a large proportion of the conversation on Scuttlebutt is conversation about Scuttlebutt.

That's one of the strengths, too. Just like a lot of the conversation in the fediverse is about the fediverse.

In both cases, the software is still evolving and the devs live inside the environment they are creating.

@jasongreen @schlink

Will be interesting to learn how the conversation topics differ in some of the newer SSB networks like the one in Brazil on a local mesh network that will be pretty separate from the "main" network.

More like that will happen.

@schlink Its pretty nice. I use Patchwork to access scuttlebutt. Lots of people in the solarpunk community post projects they're working on, podcasts on dat, etc. One person recently showed the steps for making traditional Sami skis.

@schlink it's cool but very very tilted on local communications

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