ha, love this.'s new device verification flow involves keys represented by series of emoji (it used to be 45 characters) has also just reached version 1.0

More here:

@schlink Oh, for christ's sake, I have a hard enough time keeping my friggin' passwords straight.

@schlink I've been using Riot a bit lately and liking it. Did 1.0 fix the fact that e2e encryption breaks their search function?

It basically forces me to keep my chats unencrypted which I don't like

@schlink @Gargron I hope it's less energy consuming than it was before

@Tathar more broadly, I think as tech/"AI" improves, it will become increasingly important to present some key information in ways that are easy for humans to manipulate/remember


I'd rather be an AI person though. I could have an app like LastPass in my mind for that, and have excessively long passwords that only it can remember.

long (~1000 char) 

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